NETRONIC ranks among the "BEST OF 2017"

Planning solution "just plan it" awarded

just plan it, our web-based planning solution for easy time and resource planning received renown German IT award.

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Version 5.1 available

Version 5.1 of our Gantt component VARCHART XGantt ((ActiveX, .NET und ASP.NET) has been put on our website and amongst others, offers auxiliary lines for modifying nodes and new sash attributes.

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Visual Scheduling Suite

for NAV 2017

You will find the setups for our Gantt add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 in our Partner Portal.

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Visual Service Scheduler

New Version

The VSS makes the allocation of resources in the Service Modul of Microsoft Dynamics NAV easy.

Information about new functions you will find here.

VARCHART JGantt: Version 3.2 available

Version 3.2 of our Java Beans Component VARCHART JGantt can be downloaded from our website as of now. 

Amongst others the new version offers freely definable legends and new design options for links.

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Visual Jobs Scheduler for Dynamics NAV 2016

New Version of Visual Jobs Scheduler

Release VJS

The Visual Jobs Scheduler now enables the creation of Job Planning lines also in the Resource View.

For more detailed information on the new features read our blog

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Gantt Chart Controls for Software Developers

We have been offering powerful interactive Gantt chart software controls for more than 20 years. These controls provide software developers with interactive Gantt charts for .NET, Java, ASP.NET, and ActiveX. Our controls have been integrated into many renowned ERP software solutions. Likewise, many developers of leading domain specific scheduling systems rely on our Gantt chart controls. Our Gantt charts are used to visualize production schedules, project plans, field service plans, resource schedules and logistics plans. 

VARCHART XGantt - gantt chart control for .NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX

Gantt Chart Add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We develop Gantt chart add-ins specifically for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With our Visual Scheduling Suite, we address partners (value added resellers) of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to offer additional, visual planning and scheduling capability to their customers. Our add-ins always base on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard and are hence intuitive and easily and rapidly to implement. In addition to this, they provide a consistent user experience as they seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and become a natural part of the system. 

Visual Production Scheduler - Gantt Chart Add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Development of Individual Scheduling Application

Based on our long-time experience with Gantt Chart applications we develop individual solutions. Especially many small size companies search for a simple way to visualize their planning data, without making themselves depending on a complex ERP-System. Get in contact with us if you want to move forward from a manual planning strategy to a visual supported planning. We create interactive graphical planning boards for all areas - from productions-, service-, logistic or project planning.

VARCHART XGantt reference: individual graphical planning board for Dickies

Manufacturing Execution System for strip materials

The core product MES iGA has been continuously enhanced since 2001 (initially by iGA and from October 2015 by NETRONIC). It is made to build custom solutions enabling a timely and resource-saving execution of production orders in the strip material industry. The MES iGA connects the ERP system with the production units and hence establishes a flexible link between the shop-floor and administration/ planning. This increases the transparency of all relevant process data and provides valuable input for an improved quality management. Consequently, the MES data can get tranferred seamlessly into a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

NETRONIC MES for Strip Material Producers

Easy time and resource scheduling for SMB manufacturers

Our new product just plan it empowers SMB make-to-order companies and job shops to increase delivery time commitments. just plan it is a "cloud-based" visual scheduling application built for production planers and SMB business owners. It combines state-of-the-art scheduling techniques with advanced visual scheduling concepts allowing agile actions in case of unplanned incidents. 

just plan it - einfache Termin und Ressourcenplanung für kleine Fertiger