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MPDV Mikrolab
The HYDRA control panel of MPDV Mikrolab GmbH that was realized with VARCHART XGantt provides the necessary increase in flexibility and information f...

Intelligent Gantt Charts Speed Up Planning and Control

Time-related data such as tasks, orders, activities, or resources are best displayed in Gantt charts. In an intelligent Gantt chart, the planner can take corrective action in the planning and zoom into details without losing overview by means of the chart. These and more functions for realizing even tricky and complex planning and controlling tasks are part of our easy-to-integrate VARCHART XGantt software component.

Visual Production Planning and Scheduling

Gantt chart software used for production planning and control

Visualize the machine utilization, the progress of orders, the availability of employes and much more to plan, control and optimize your production. Gantt Charts lets the planner react interactively and quickly to modifications. Thus you utilize your resources to full capacity and speed up processes. VARCHART XGantt software offers powerful functionality to develop any kind of Gantt charts for production planning and control. Have a look at the VARCHART XGantt features.

Precise Capacity Planning with Gantt Charts

Capacity planning with Gantt chart software

No matter whether the deployment of machines in the production or of employees in projects is concerned - precise capacity planning is only possible if the availabilities of staff, machines, equipment and qualifications are settled. An important tool in a Gantt chart to display these resources is the histogram that lets you recognize at a glance whether bottlenecks are imminent and the planner's interference will be needed. Use Gantt charts to display the real capacities or show future capacity or utilization overviews.

Watch the live samples of VARCHART XGantt.

Gantt Charts for Efficient Project Management

Gantt chart software used for project management

As manager of large-scale projects you have to reach milestones, bear in mind the project tasks, remember links of subprojects and most of all you have to monitor the project in the short as well as in the long run. With VARCHART XGantt you can develop individual project plans helping you to control all important project parameter to see the project through to a safe and punctual finish.

Want to see how our clients realize powerful interactive project plans? Look around in our collection of references.

Gantt Charts for Shift & Staff Planning

Shift planning and controlling with Gantt chart software

Information about employees and their deployment in shifts are illustrated with Gantt charts. VARCHART XGantt lets you pre-set the bar length by the calendar function and add planning-relevant information such as night or early shift, number of necessary employees per shift etc. There is nearly no visual limitation in Gantt Charts for Shift and Staff Planning

Shorten the Development Time - Use VARCHART XGantt

Do not re-invent the wheel. Our Gantt software saves you time and effort to get your Gantt chart application faster to market. VARCHART XGantt offers:

  • A comprehensive application programming interface (API) to customize your application exactly to your needs
  • A relational data model in order to easily connect your data to the graphical elements of your Gantt chart
  • Outstanding features for visualization and manipulation of your data;
  • A set of meaningful Gantt chart application samples with source code

A choice of VARCHART XGantt features you find here.

Broad Support of Gantt Chart Software Technologies

Take advantage of the same powerful visualization concepts for the COM and/or .NET technology of Microsoft. Our Gantt chart software is available in three editions and for the following technologies and programming languages: NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX.

Benefit From Our Specialist Knowledge

We are well-acquainted with Gantt Chart software components and make our living with them! Many Gantt Chart features that you may consider extraordinary or innovative are standard for us since we keep refining VARCHART XGantt being in close contact with our customers so that the quality and functionality of our component always meets modern planning demands.