Visual Production Scheduler for Dynamics NAV

Interactive planning table as add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (from NAV 2009 R2)

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On-demand webcast: "Introduction to Visual Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics NAV"
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The Visual Production Scheduler

Though Gantt charts play an important role in many time-oriented planning processes, the so-called role-tailored versions (RTC) of Dynamics NAV seem to lack any graphic planning support. This is even more striking as the "classic" versions - at least in the Manufacturing Module – came with a planning board (known as Production Scheduler) including a Production Order View and a Resource View.

This original and basic graphical planning board- named Production Scheduler- had been created with our Gantt chart component VARCHART XGantt. With this component we developed a fully integrated .NET add-in for the role-tailored versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We call it Visual Production Scheduler (VPS). You can find an overview video demonstrating the capabilities of the VPS on the features site.

Visual Production Scheduler add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

An Established Product Combined With New Technology

The Visual Production Scheduler was released in Q1 2013 and has the same functions as are already known from the „classic“ versions. Other than in the past, the VPS is not “just a feature” of the system, but a strategic product of NETRONIC as Microsoft Dynamics NAV ISV. Hence, the VPS will be further enhanced by applying agile software development principles—resulting in new versions every 3 to 4 months.

Gantt chart add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The Visual Production Scheduler

Key Benefits for Manufacturing Clients of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

1. See production orders, due dates, resource workloads and bottlenecks at one glance. All graphs are interactive, so that you can take corrective actions with simple mouse clicks immediately.

2. This transparency yields operational agility: capacities are better used, and delivery deadline commitments will be stronger.

3. What is really intriguing: your staff does not need extensive training for using the Visual Production Scheduler, and you do not need to invest into data quality.

4. Hence, you can start immediately after setting up the program.

Histogrammansicht im Visual Production Scheduler für Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Don’t hesitate: Contact us and become a NETRONIC reseller this very day so that you can benefit from our marketing efforts to launch the Production Scheduler right from the start.