Visual Scheduling Suite for Dynamics NAV RTC

Graphical planning boards as add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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ESK Schultze
The German manufacturer integrates the Visual Production Scheduler in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 to enhance production planning.

No Visualization in the Modules Production, Jobs and Service Scheduling

The so-called role-tailored versions (RTC) of Dynamics NAV seem to lack any graphic planning support. This is even more striking as the "classic" versions - at least in the Manufacturing Module – came with a planning board (known as Production Scheduler) including a Production Order View and a Resource View.

The solution: Our Gantt Add-ins

Those deficits are the gap that the schedulers of our Visual Scheduling Suite for Microsoft Dynamics NAV want to fill: A proven suite of both .NET and JavaScript/HTML5 add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It delivers purpose-made add-ins that support specific planning and scheduling needs for manufacturing, jobs/projects and service users of Dynamics NAV.

Our Gantt chart add-ins are based on the vanilla Dynamics NAV standard so that users which are trained on the standard NAV functionality do not require any additional training. Also, the close integration with the standard NAV allows a rapid installation (typically in much less than a day) so that the NETRONIC Visual Scheduling Suite yields a rapid ROI.

Visual Scheduling Suite add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Below we give you a brief survey of each add-in. For detailed information please have a look at the respective product page.

Short Introduction Video

The Visual Production Scheduler

The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is a Gantt chart add-in which closely integrates with the NAV manufacturing module. It visualizes the results of the NAV MRP engine and allows users to quickly make intelligent changes to the schedule. The VPS helps schedule production orders, production order lines, operations thus enabling better management of capacities and delivery time commitments  

The Visual Production Scheduler provides four standard views of the manufacturing data:

  • By production order status, production order number, work and machine center
  • By work and machine center — focus on production orders
  • By work and machine center — focus on capacity utilization
  • By bill-of-material (BOM) per production order

The Visual Jobs Scheduler

The Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) works with data from both the jobs and the resource planning module. The VJS provides graphical project planning and controlling capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and enables the users to visually schedule and manage jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resources.

This is achieved by also complementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with some standard project management features such as the capability to create dependencies between both job tasks and job planning lines. These dependent tasks then can get rescheduled all at once with keeping the defined structure in place. The Visual Jobs Scheduler provides three standard views of the jobs data:

  • By jobs: Sorted by job status and job number; possibility to drill down from jobs into job tasks, job planning lines and resource allocations.
  • By resources: Sorted by resource groups; possibility to also drill down and to quickly re-assign job planning lines from one resource to another.
  • Histograms: All histograms of resource groups and resources are displayed in the same order as the resource view.

The Visual Service Scheduler

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) is based on the service and the resource planning module. The VSS is a graphical representation of the dispatch board and helps managing service orders, service item lines and resource allocations. It enables Microsoft Dynamics NAV users to allocate service orders to service engineers, to plan the time required to complete a service order, and to manage the service staff’s schedule. The Visual Service Scheduler provides two standard views of the service data:

  • The ‘Gantt and tree chart’. See the not yet allocated service orders in a prioritized list at the right hand side besides the Gantt chart with the staff’s schedule. In addition, see the resource and resource group load from a histogram below the Gantt chart.

  • The ‘Two Gantt charts’ view: See not yet allocated service orders (on a timeline by their response date) and the staff’s schedule as two Gantt charts on one screen. Move service orders from the “unallocated area” to the service schedule with drag & drop.

Survey of the key features of the add-ins

Designed for Production Module Jobs Module Service Module  
For NAV versions        
2017 x x x  
2016 x x x  
2015 x x x  
2013 R2 x x x  
2013 x x x  
2009 R2 x x    
Based on .NET framework x x x  
and VARCHART XGantt 5.0        
Integrates as NAV page x x x  
Interactive planning by drag&drop x x x  
Data-driven visualization x x x  
Comprehensive printing functionality x x x  
Multi-user support x x x  
Usage of "Live Update" x x x  

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