Visual Scheduling Suite for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Interactive graphical planning boards for the modules manufacturing, jobs and service

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Release Commitment & Policy

NETRONIC will provide new versions of the Visual Scheduling Suite for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in reasonable intervals. Customers with valid software license and maintenance agreement have the right to obtain all mentioned releases for the respectively licensed NETRONIC software at no additional cost.

The following applies:


  • NETRONIC aims at supporting always the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as soon as possible after its release.
  • NETRONIC software for a major release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV software will be supported as long as this major release is supported by Microsoft.
  • A service release of the NETRONIC software will be supported until a new service release of NETRONIC software is available.
  • Hot fixes will be made only for the latest service release.

Support Commitment

Reseller may submit support requests by electronic means. Each support request must contain the minimum information as follows: name of Customer, description of the problem, version numbers of the relevant NETRONIC-Software and of Microsoft Dynamics NAV; Reseller may request NETRONIC to withhold support, if Customer is in arrears with payments for support and/or maintenance fees.


Technical support will be performed – via telephone, email or remote desktop – at German office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. It includes error verification, error analysis and trouble-shooting. 

NETRONIC will answer all incoming support requests within one working day. 

Life Cycle

NETRONIC reserves the right to take NETRONIC-Software out of its portfolio and/or to substitute it with new NETRONIC-Software. Reseller will be informed of current developments and will be provided with a release-plan. If NETRONIC chooses to discontinue a product, Reseller will be informed hereof in writing 12 month prior to the change of portfolio, so that the Parties can arrange details of such closing down.The general NETRONIC product lifecycle policy can be found here.