Efficient Planning and Control

Interactive Charts for Production, Projects, Staff, and Resources

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Even complex data become plain

Companies - or we for them - develop individual Gantt charts to visualize planning data by using our winforms or Java Gantt components. These interactive planning boards are an impotant tool because they show an overview of different data groups like resources, orders, operations and tasks. This makes it easier for the planner to recognize coherences, to keep track of the planning process and to quickly react to planning mistakes and so, as a result, optimize the planning.

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    • Project Planning
    • Improve project planning with interactive Gantt charts to visualize the project plan. Add a work breakdown structure and achieve better project execut...
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    • Production Planning
    • Improve production planning with meaningful Gantt diagrams: Intuitive graphical planning boards for manufacturing companies
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    • Staff Scheduling
    • Visualize your work schedule and bring staff scheduling and shift scheduling to a new level. Benefit from interactive Gantt charts.
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    • Logistics
    • Fleet scheduling benefits from interactive Gantt charts. They visualize the schedule and support immediate rescheduling of logistics.
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    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Learn about Microsoft Dynamics Gantt charts both in NAV and AX. Use interactive Gyntt chart functionality to improve visual planning.
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    • MES iGA (Strip Material)
    • Manufacturing execution software for strip material producers (paper, paper finishing, nonwovens, plastic foils). Learn more about the MES iGA includi...
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