Gantt Charts Optimize Deadlines

Planning and Controling of Production, Projects, Resources

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Are you developing an application in the field of production-, project or resource planning? Use our Gantt component to quickly develop versatile Gantt diagrams according to your individual requirements.

VARCHART XGantt (.NET, ActiveX, ASP.NET Edition)

VARCHART JGantt (JavaBeans Edition)

Visualization for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Enhance the production planning functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by interactive Gantt diagrams.

Classic: Customization of the existing Production Schedule

RTC: Visual Production Scheduler Add-in

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Dates Under Control

No matter whether it comes to planning a project, coordinating service employes, or supervising the machine utilization - a Gantt chart is the ideal planning and controling tool to check the correct sequence of events. 

Supervise Production, Projects, and Resources

A Gantt chart is used to visualize time-related company data (start-end date/duration) by a layer's position on a timeline. What machine is which order running on, how is the current progress of an activity of a work package, what project runs the risk of a staff shortage - those are only a few examples of how Gantt provides the appropriate overviews. Critical situations and conflicts can be easily recognized by these overviews so that appropriate counter measures - e.g. providing additional capacities in case of a bottleneck - can be taken in due time.

Planning Interactively With Gantt Charts

A Gantt chart is more than a mere reporting tool. Interactive planning overviews are used to comfortably realize time scheduling. By simply dragging a layer you can reschedule a project date, schedule an order on a machine with spare capacities or create a new activity by creating a new layer. The effects of the modifications are immediately displayed in the Gantt chart thus providing an up-to-date overview of your project.

Gantt Add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC

Based on our experience in creating interactive Gantt charts we offer a Visual Production Scheduler for the Production Module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our solution is designed as Add-in that fully integrates in the Microsoft ERP system.

Gantt Components Shorten the Development Time

For more than 20 years, NETRONIC has been specializing in the development of powerful Gantt components (ActiveX, .NET, ASP.NETJavaBeans). Integrate our components in your application and create complex, individual, interactive Gantt charts with minimal development effort. They offer plenty of unique functions for optimizing the planning and controling options of your Gantt charts. You could, e.g., limit the time slot for layer movement or arrange two Gantts one below the other to schedule unscheduled orders, or show resources in a histogram to quickly recognize capacity bottlenecks, or display different shift calendars in a Gantt chart etc.