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Optimize Procedures in Processes and Projects

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Use our network component VARCHART XNet for application development to create with little programming effort a node network plan based on your project or process data that is suitable for you or your customers.


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The Network Diagram as Planning Tool

You have to plan a large project or a complex process and the question arises as to how doing it by using the resources to full capacity and within the given time frame? The right solution will be a network diagram since it visualizes both the chronology and the logical sequence.

Breaking Down the Project or the Process

As preparation for creating a network diagram the project or the process will be broken down into detailed activities and ordered chronologically. The activities are visualized as box. In addition, the links between activities are defined as predecessor or successor. This if-then relation is symbolized by arrows.

Visible Information Creates Planning Realibility

Network Diagrams contain much more information such as labels and colorings, facilitating the overview of the project or the process. The planners can also access several calculation models originating from the network planning technique that help finding the optimum sequence.

Powerful Software Component for Network Diagrams

For more than 20 years, NETRONIC has been specializing in the development of powerful Network components. Integrate VARCHART XNet in your application and create complex, individual, interactive network diagrams with minimal development effort. They offer plenty of unique functions for optimizing the planning and controlling options of your network structure. The line layout between the nodes is optimized, for example, so that you don't get lost. You can also add, move, or group nodes among others.