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Use Gantt Charts and Work Breakdown Structures

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Create clear-cut overviews of company data with interactive and high-functional Gantt or Network and Work Breakdown Structures. Use our component to quickly and easily integrate individual planning overviews in your application.





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The Plan Creates the Success

Coordinating the dependencies between dates and resources as well as all persons involved is always a great challenge in projects. The most important planning tool for the project manager in the process is the graphical visualization of the data thus not only providing an overview of the processes and tasks but also taking into account the constant process of change. By offering drag&drop functions, filters, optional display of additional information and summary bars graphics create transparency and enable quick intervention options.

Work Breakdown Structure Supports the Proportioning

First, the project will be broken down into single tasks and these then into increasingly smaller subtasks. The hierarchical arrangement of a work breakdown structure visualizes these (sub-) tasks thus allowing the planner to check whether he has entered all tasks or subtasks and providing him with a brief but meaningful overview of the project.

Integrate our component VARCHART XTree into your project management application and create meaningful, individual tree structure plans without great development effort.

Bar Chart Communicates Dates

Project data are visualized in a bar chart to give a clear-cut overview of the temporal dimension of a project. In 1910, Henry Gantt developed this representation technique for the efficient planning of a large construction project. After a time schedule with start and end date has been defined for each subtask or work package they will be arranged as bars on a timescale .

Are you currently developing an application for the project management and would like to display your data as interactive bar charts? Integrate our component VARCHART XGantt (.NET, ActiveX and ASP.NET Edition) or JGantt (JavaBeans Edition), to quickly create individual and powerful bar charts.

Network Diagram Warns About Bottlenecks

Similar to the Gantt chart, the network diagram visualizes chronological work processes. At the same time, the single work packages are linked according to their dependencies. These links let the planner recognize dependencies and impending bottlenecks (critical path) from start to end.

Add interactive network diagrams to large projects with our component VARCHART XNet.