VARCHART XNet Component for Network Diagrams

Visualize Activities and their Links for Optimal Planning

VARCHART controls among top 5!

According to dotnetpro, a magazine for developers, our VARCHART controls for visualizing complex data belong to the "high five"!

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Network Diagram as You Need It

Use VARCHART XNet to visualize the logical succession and the chronology in processes, workflows or projects in a meaningful and easy- to- grasp network diagram. Configure the nodes individually and display the relevant activity information in the node or in additional text boxes. The line layout with a minimum of intersections ensures clarity even in extremely cross-linked diagrams. Let your planners take take  part in the planning by a variety of user interactions.


The Network Diagram

With VARCHART XNet you develop interactive comprehensible views of your data that display activities as nodes and their type of relation as arrow. Select from 15 predefined node forms and 99 link types. Design the look and annotation of nodes individually. Highlight the relevant information also at the links so that the planner can dispose of as much content as possible

Network Chart and Workflow

With VARCHART XNet you visualize activities and their relations in two different flow directions:


From right to left: the classical sequence of a network chart. You create the activities from right to left and thus illustrate their chronological position.

From top to bottom: Workflow

The flow of the activities depends on preset conditions so that the flow may vary.

Automatic Forward and Backward Calculation

Use the Time Scheduler of VARCHART XNet and have your activities calculated automatically by earliest start or latest end. Highlight activities and links the float of which is 0 which means that they must not overrun their scheduled duration to not jeopardize the scheduled project end.

Network Diagram or Cross-Linked Gantt Chart

Use a Network Diagram for a rough overview of your project. If the planning has to be more detailed visualize the activities in a Gantt chart with our Gantt Chart Component VARCHART XGantt.

Something for Everyone: Broad Technology Support

Benefit from Microsoft's powerful visualization concepts for the .NET and/or COM technology . VARCHART XNet is available in three different editions and for the following technologies and programming languages: .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX.

For comprehensive details about VARCHART XNet see Features

Test our component and design individual Network Diagrams with your own data. Our support will be glad to help you.