VARCHART XTree Component for Tree Structures

Visualization of Complex Tasks, Organizations, Products

VARCHART controls among top 5!

According to dotnetpro, a magazine for developers, our VARCHART controls for visualizing complex data belong to the "high five"!

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Design Individual Graphic Trees

Visualize data with parent-child relations or structure codes in clear-cut tree structures. Control your projects, production processes or organizational structures with this charts. Let your planners take corrective action in the planning rapidly and safely by providing them with comfortable interaction options.

Work Breakdown Structure for Big Projects

Break down your projects into projectable and manageable subtasks. Equip the nodes with user-relevant information.

A Tree as Organigram

Identify immediately the allocation of tasks and the ways of communication in a company for instance. Create new nodes for new departments or reallocate departments.

Parts List for Production

Of how much parts does a bicycle consist ? Parts lists support the production scheduling by making all component parts of a product readily identifiable.

Combine VARCHART XTree With our Other Products

Drag nodes and links from VARCHART XTree into another entity of VARCHART XTree or even into an entity of another component such as VARCHART XNet or XGantt. The drag&drop mode can be configured individually.

VARCHART XTree is Based on a Flexible Diagram Concept

Little programming effort is needed to create individual graphic trees with the VARCHART XTree component. Design tree structures that offer a wide range of interactive options to the user: creating, deleting and moving of nodes or subtrees, collapsing and expanding of subtrees and much more.

Define the node appearance by maps or filters and create a tree structure that changes data-dependant.

Something for Everyone: Broad Support of Technologies

Benefit from Microsoft's powerful visualization concepts for the .NET and/or COM technology . VARCHART Tree is available in three different editions and for the following technologies and programming languages: .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX.

For comprehensive details about VARCHART Tree see Features. 

Test our component and design individual Network Diagrams with your own data. Our support will be glad to help you.