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Enterprise Asset Management With VARCHART XGantt and VARCHART XNet

Our Customer

"NETRONIC’s XGantt and XNet products provide the unique features our clients need to empower them to visualize nearly any process or project. We simply cannot find the same robustness in any other toolset."

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Gantt chart software to develop .NET Gantt charts for production planning & scheduling, project management plans, intuitive capacity plans and mor...
High-function control for perfect Networking Diagrams or Workflows

Multifunctional Visualizations With VARCHART XGantt and VARCHART XNet

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)-intensive organizations such as nuclear power generators, petro-chemical refineries, and heavy equipment builders, have unique visualization requirements. They have to know what is happening with every aspect of their business on a real-time basis so they can make timely decisions. They also need to generate a myriad of reports to regulatory agencies that contain specific, up-to-date information on everything from safety and efficiency to output, and more. Knowledge Relay’s Information Visualizer (IV) web-based reporting and analytics toolset provides the robust visualization options that EAM organizations must have.

In case of  a refueling outage, Gantt charts and network diagrams are "must-haves" for nuclear power generators:

Gantt Chart Plan
Network Chart Plan

"NETRONIC’s XGantt and XNet products provide the unique features our clients need to empower them to visualize nearly any process or project. We simply cannot find the same robustness in any other toolset", says Steven Mauss, President of Knowledge Relay. "Our IV product line takes full advantage of the many features offered in the NETRONIC tools, and it gives us quite an advantage in competitive situations. We can do things that others simply cannot do."

The Knowledge Relay Solution

"The key to success is the value proposition that we are able to offer," says Lee Gliddon, Knowledge Relay’s V.P. of Business Development. "Because we can visually represent nearly any process and display nearly any data element from multiple systems at the same time, our clients can make better decisions, faster. This saves them a fortune and it gives THEM a competitive advantage as well."

The Knowledge Relay solution includes a variety of methods and tools, including the IV product suite, that gather data from multiple systems during a highly flexible Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process. The data is staged in a data depot and made available for dashboards, process/project reports, and tabular/multi-format representations. Data is related and displayed from multiple systems on the same report. For example, cost data from one system can be displayed on the same Gantt chart as project data. The project data itself may be an amalgamation of SAP PM/PS and Primavera data.

"The whole process, from ETL to report generation and distribution, can be automated. It simply runs on a schedule that is defined by the enterprise. Stakeholders simply receive an email alert that their Gantt and PERT charts, for example, are posted on their web portal in PDF format. They click on a link and up come their reports," says Mauss.

About Knowledge Relay

Knowledge Relay helps business users to accelerate the decision cycle by reducing the time between collecting data and acting upon it. Our solutions are used worldwide within energy and utilities, engineering and construction, aerospace, defense and government organizations.

The Knowledge Relay solution is an EAM system from the Business Intelligence (BI) area. It supplies employees that have to make operational decisions nearly in real-time with relevant information in a suitable form while not affecting the operation of other applications. That way, we help to accelerate business processes.

Advantages of the Knowledge Relay Application

Knowledge Relay solutions offer a single, consistent web-based interface for report creation that spans multiple data sources and formats, making it easy for business users to interact with and design reports without programming or outside help. An easy-to-use user interface in a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser allows users to quickly navigate, create and share their work – saving time and money. In addition, IT resources are reduced because Information Visualizer runs from an IIS-based intranet web server that your IT staff already knows how to manage. Training is similarly simplified because users see a single, consistent interface. Organizations rely on Knowledge Relay solutions to help them improve operational efficiency and meet regulatory requirements.