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Some Tips Before You Start

Please read these tips carefully so that your free trial will be a success, you will have fun working with VARCHART JGantt and will achieve the desired results quickly.

  1. We love to help! Every time, quickly and without fuss. Contact us if you have a question: or ++49-2408-1410
  2. We have different installer for Windows and Non-Windows systems. Please select which fits best to your project
  3. When installing the trial version that is valid for 30 days you will receive a comprehensive sample collection including the respective source code. We recommend to start with the sample that comes closest to your application and customize this sample accordingly

Apart from the VARCHART JGantt software, the downloaded package of our Java Gantt component contains some programming samples, an online reference guide and a user guide. Different installation systems exist for Windows and non-Windows platforms. Please choose the installation system suitable for your platform.

VARCHART JGantt for Windows Platforms

VARCHART JGantt JavaBeans for Windows Platforms
exe_file_lockedVARCHART JGantt 3.2 Java Beans SR3.exe 25,7 MB

VARCHART JGantt for Non-Windows Platforms

VARCHART JGantt JavaBeans for Non-Windows Platforms
gz_file_lockedVARCHART JGantt Java Beans 3.2 SR3.tar.gz 26,8 MB