Production Planning in Dynamics NAV Classic Client

More Functionality for the Production Schedule

Microsoft Relies on VARCHART XGantt

The Production Order View and the Resource View in the Manufacturing Module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Client have been created with the ActiveX Edition of VARCHART XGantt. A wrapper controls the communication between Dynamics NAV and the ActiveX control via an XML interface. The wrapper and the NETRONIC VARCHART XGantt control (vcgantt.ocx) are on the delivery CD of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Classic Client.

Add Further Graphical Functionality to Your Production Scheduler

Buy a license and customize the Production Order View or the Resource View according to your specific needs since the license allows you to use the full range of functions of our Gantt chart component. You could, for instance, create a time scale on a weekly or monthly basis or add further functions like printing.

Learn more about the customization options of the Time Scheduler in the Classic Client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Do You Want More Interactive Production Schedules?

The interactive VARCHART components let you add new charts and chart types to your Navision application. Use our controls for Gantt, tree and network charts to


  • Create schedules and resource overviews
  • Create projects and work breakdown structures
  • Generate flow charts

See how our VARCHART controls for Gantt charts, network charts and tree structure charts support you in creating new Production Schedules.

We Develop Individiual Production Schedules for You!

You know Microsoft Dynamics NAV in all its particulars but you have no capacities to deal with our Chart controls in explicit detail? No problem! We would be glad to develop an individual Microsoft Dynamics NAV Production Schedule application for you!