Graphical planning and scheduling of service orders

Control and manage service orders, items, item lines and resources in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Full Integration in NAV

The Visual Service Scheduler is a fully integrated add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It opens as NAV page and does not require from the users to learn any kind of new menus, icons, symbols, etc. Double-clicking on a not yet allocated service item will, for instance, open the respective service order card with the corresponding service item lines. Likewise, double-clicking a resource will open the corresponding resource card.

Drag & Drop Scheduling of Service orders

Move service item lines from the 'not yet allocated' area to the service schedule—either from the lower to the upper Gantt chart or from the right-hand list to the Gantt chart. As such create new resource allocation entries. Change the duration of the service tasks interactively. Also, change the allocation to service resources by vertically moving the service item allocations.

Understand & Manage Resource Utilization

In the Tree and Gantt Chart view: click on a resource or resource group to see the resource utilization as histogram below the Gantt chart. This helps you to immediately understand the impact of changes in the service schedule on your overall resource utilization.

Cancel Service Order Allocation, Split Service Tasks

Remove already allocated service orders from the service schedule and let them appear again in the ‚not yet allocated‘ area. Likewise, split service order allocation and separately manage and schedule the individual bars in the dispatch board.