Visual Service Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Interactive Gantt add-in for visuell planning and scheduling of service data (from NAV version 2013 on)

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Next Steps

No Visualization in the Service Module

The standard Dynamics NAV service module seems to support—at least—two different roles when it comes to managing service orders: (a) a sales and/or service contact person creates a service order including some basic information such as customer, service item(s) and response date. It is then upon (b) the dispatcher to assign these service orders to service technicians and to plan for the time that working on these service items should take. 

Gantt add-in: Visual Service Scheduler

The Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) is a fully integrated add-in for Dynamics NAV which supports the day-to-day work of the service dispatcher. It combines a visual representation of the service schedule for all service technicians with a view on the yet unassigned service orders. As such users can see the workload of the service staff on a timeline, and can assign them new service tasks with simple and intuitive drag and drop actions. Of course, the VSS also allows creating dependencies between service tasks, cancel or change service order allocations and modify the length and timing of service orders.

Tree & Gantt View

  • Gantt chart: service task schedule for every service resource.
  • Tree chart: not yet allocated service orders, sorted by priority.
  • Histogram (below Gantt chart): see resource utilization for resources and resource groups.
  • Drag & drop service items lines from tree chart/task list into Gantt chart.
  • Move service items lines vertically, i.e. from one resource to another.
  • Change duration of service tasks.

Two Gantt Charts' View

  • Upper Gantt chart: see service tasks schedule for every service resource; bar color indicates service order priority.
  • Lower Gantt chart: see not yet allocated service orders/ service item lines;symbol indicates response date.
  • Drag and drop service item lines from lower Gantt chart to upper Gantt chart.
  • Change duration of service tasks by simple mouse actions


Key Values

  • Information value: View service orders, service item lines, resources and resource utilization at a glance. See both the service schedule and the not yet allocated service orders.
  • Decision value: Ease the service dispatch process, understand conflicts, and take corrective actions with drag & drop.
  • Business value: Better management and utilization of service staff, more agile reaction to unplanned incidents.

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