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Alternative Component for IBM ILOG Gantt .NET

Since the beginning of February 2012, IBM has discontinued the development and sales of the component IBM ILOG Gantt for .NET. To those who are concerned by this decision and are now looking for an equivalent but long-term maintained solution for interactive Gantt charts, NETRONIC offers a complete migration package:

  • NETRONIC specializes in Gantt components: For more than 20 years we have been developing Windows components for interactive Gantt charts (for.NET, ActiveX, ASP.NET and soon also for Silverlight und WPF) with our VARCHART XGantt product familiy.

  • NETRONIC is a reliable partner: Our components are being maintained in the long run and are used in various business-critical enterprise applications. Among our costumers are global companies like IFS, Boeing, ProAlpha, T-Systems, more

  • NETRONIC's VARCHART XGantt is a highly-functional .NET component for interactive Gantt charts offering a vast range of functions that has no precedent.

  • NETRONIC provides top-quality support: Our support team puts customer satisfaction first so that assistance will always be rendered promptly and reliably.