Next Generation Of Proven Gantt Chart Control

VARCHART XGantt 5: available since 31 January 2014

VARCHART XGantt - proven Gantt chart control

For more than 20 years, VARCHART XGantt has been a proven Gantt chart control for .NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX developers who build scheduling solutions for production, projects, logistics and personnel. Far more than 500 satisfied long-term customers speak for themselves. The applications of our XGantt customers are used by ten thousands of users on a daily basis.

VARCHART XGantt 5 - the next generation

We live (and love) the Gantt chart. Hence, we asked ourselves how to further improve its usability for the scheduling application users. It is for sure, that the Gantt chart today is way more than the "good old days" reporting tool.

It has been proven to create significant value especially for agile short-term planning and scheduling. This is even more true, if one manages to focus the Gantt chart on the decision relevant information. We made this thought the leading idea for VARCHART XGantt 5 - and hence put much emphasis on completely redesigning the "interaction experience".

VARCHART XGantt 5: Live Update Function

Our VARCHART XGantt 5 Inspiration

New Features

Live Update

Live Update functions
VARCHART XGantt video about live update

With the new Live Update functionality, the consequences of a mouse interaction are being visualized immediately during the action and not only upon ending it. Every mouse movement results in updating the node, the consequences of the interaction for the overall planning becoming visible at once so that the planner can quickly find the new optimum node position.

Click the screenshot to start our video illustrating the live update features.


Multiple Calendar Grids

VARCHART XGantt 5: Multiple calendar grids
VARCHART XGantt 5: Multiple calendar grids

An overload is a time period in which the current curve has higher values than the reference curve being defined as second fill reference to the current curve. The new property VcCurve.OverloadResultsCalendarName lets you create or select a calendar to store the intervals that have been calculated by the overload dates. You could use this calendar, for instance, to display a calendar grid in a group so that overload ranges can not only be displayed in the histogram – as in the versions before – but also as groupwise calendar grid in the diagram area.

New Method VcCalendar.Clear

This Method is used to remove the profiles and intervals formerly defined in the VcCalendar object, thus completely clearing it.


Consider Link Type While Dragging

VARCHART XGantt: Consider link relation type on dragging
Link types are not considered
Link types are considered

Use the property VcGantt.ConsiderLinkRelation-TypesOnNodeDragging to obtain the phantom lines representing the links to be displayed indicating their type if dragged, and if links are switched on at all. The phantom lines will not start off from the center of the node, but from the left and right side of the node.

Further New Features

New Histogram Functions

  • Event VcGantt.HistogramsHeightChangingEx
    The new event, occurring when the user interactively modifies the height of a histogram, achieves a higher level of accuracy by returning the histogram HeightRatio parameter as "Double" value (in contrast to the event VcHistogramsHeightChanging).
  • Property VcGantt.DiagramHistogramHeightRatioEx
    This property lets you set or retrieve the ratio between the total height of the diagram (in %) and the height of the histogram. In contrast to the DiagramHistogramHeightRatio property this property returns a "Double" value, thus achieving a higher level of accuracy. You could also display the complete histogram on start (values -1 and 0).
  • Property VcGantt.UseHigherDiagramHistogramHeightRatioPrecision
    Setting this property to "True" will enable the usage of the more accurate method DiagramHistogramHeightRatioEx or the event VcHistogramHeightChangingEx that return a value of the type "Double" to calculate the width ratio between diagram and histogram.



  • Under certain conditions, the property VcGantt.PartialLoadThreshold brings significant performance increase for the reloading of data. This mainly concerns transaction-intense applications that are characterized by the repeated reloading of only small data amounts into complex Gantt scheduling applications at runtime. The new property enables the user to define a threshold for the number of incremental data up to which the VARCHART XGantt will be created in performance optimized partial updates. When new data are added to the Gantt chart, the system automatically performs either an optimized partial update for smaller quantities or a full update for larger quantities.
  • In the context of the new Live Update functionality performance increases regarding the interaction process were implemented.


Sample Collection and Templates

VARCHART XGantt 5: New Sample Collection

Since it enables a quick start, developers, setting up a new project with VARCHART XGantt, appreciate our sample collection as important tool. We have given it a more clear and comfortable structure and have added branch-specific application templates.

Questions? Here are your answers

Please find below a comprehensive FAQ list, which we created following your feedback on the announcement of VARCHART XGantt 5. We are confident that this list will further grow.


When Will VARCHART XGantt be Available?

VARCHART XGantt has been released on 31 January, 2014.

Where do I Get the New Version?

VARCHART XGantt 5 will be ready for download on our Website as of 31 January, 2014. You can request a free trial version in the Product area of VARCHART XGantt. Registered users can also obtain the graphic component in the Resources/Downloads area.

I use VARCHART XGantt and have a valid support and maintenance agreement. Does this agreement also include VARCHART XGantt 5?

Yes. Our support and maintenance agreements comprise free upgrades either of “Minor” and of “Major” releases. Hence you can also use VARCHART XGantt 5 if you have a valid support and maintenance agreement.

I use VARCHART XGantt and don’t have a valid support and maintenance agreement. How much is an upgrade?

Please contact our sales department.

I use an older version of VARCHART XGantt. Will switching to VARCHART XGantt 5 cause any problems?

Our Gantt component is completely upward compatible so that switching versions will cause no problems. In case of an unexpected error message please contact support.

Are customers obliged to change versions?

No, you are not obliged to switch to VARCHART XGantt 5 but we recommend you to update VARCHART XGantt regularly so that it will always be state-of-the-art.

Is there a list with the new functions of VARCHART XGantt 5?

The description of the new functions will be published on our website together with the release on 31 January, 2014.

How long will the current version 4.4 be supported?

Our product policy aims at continuity and reliability. Of course, we will support the XGantt version 4.4 througout the next years according to our support agreements.

Which editions are affected most by the innovations of VARCHART XGantt 5?

Our main focus when developing VARCHART XGantt 5 was on the user experience during interaction. This mainly affects the .NET and ActiveX editions. The interaction behavior of the ASP .NET edition did not change.

I am a Microsoft Dynamics NAV VAR. How can I use VARCHART XGantt for my customers?

Our Visual Production Scheduler add-in offers interactive Gantt charts for the Manufacturing Module, fully integrating in Dynamics NAV. For marketing this add-in, we cooperate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV VARs worldwide who integrate our add-in in their portfolio. The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is fully based on VARCHART XGantt and in March 2014 we will provide a new version of the VPS that will completely use the new functions of VARCHART XGantt 5.

I am Microsoft Dynamics NAV ISV. How can I use VARCHART XGantt 5 for my industry solutions and customers?

You – like every other software developer – can buy a development license of VARCHART XGantt and develop your own interactive Gantt charts therewith. These you could integrate as add-in (like we do with our VPS) or integrate to your add-on. Please contact us to let us advise you on how to proceed. 

Can I also use VARCHART XGantt 5 in Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics 2009 uses version 4.1 of VARCHART XGantt, AX 2012 uses version 4.4. If you want to customize a Gantt chart in AX or develop a new one with data from AX you can use VARCHART XGantt 5. for this. Please contact us to let us advise you on how to proceed.