Improve Your Service Dispatching With A Visual Service Schedule

Interactive and easy scheduling of service orders & resources

The Visual Servce Scheduler (VSS) is an add-in that ties into the service and resource planning modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables the Dynamics NAV to intuitively schedule service orders, service item lines and resources via drag and drop. The VSS is the visual representation of the standard service dispatch board. It is fully based on the standard Dynamics NAV objects and does not require any change to the standard NAV

  • For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Slider - Gantt Tree View no Histogram.png

    Visual Service Schedule
    without capacity information

  • For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Slider - Gantt Tree View with Histogram.png

    Visual Service Schedule
    with histogram to manage resource capacity

  • For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Slider - Two Gantt View.png

    Visual Dispatch Board
    with focus on meeting the SLA (response date)


Service Scheduling Made Easy: The Visual Dispatch Board

Assign service orders to service technicians via drag & drop

Here is a short video so that you can get an idea how to assign a service order from the right-hand order backlog to the service schedule via drag and drop.


Selected Visual Service Scheduler Features

See five highlights of the service schedule add-in 

Drag & drop scheduling of service orders and resources 

Move service item lines from the 'not yet allocated' area to the service schedule—either from rom the right-hand service order backlog to the service schedule or from the lower to the upper Gantt chart. As such create new resource allocation entries. Change the duration of the service tasks interactively. Also, change the allocation to service resources by vertically moving the service item allocations.

For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Feature 01.png
For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Feature 02.png

Understand and manage resource utilization

In the standard view with the tree and Gantt chart: click on a resource or resource group to see the resource utilization as histogram below the Gantt chart. This helps you to immediately understand the impact of changes in the service schedule on your overall resource utilization. For resource groups (such as in the left hand screenshot), the VSS will show the aggregated resource load.

Unassigned and assigned service orders at one glance

In the standard Dynamics NAV tables and the standard dispatch board, you either can see the assigned service orders or the unassigned service or the resource allocations. The VSS offers an integrated view on your entire service schedule and hence enables a holistic service planning process: the tree on right hand side shows all not yet assigned service tickets whereas the Gantt chart on left hand side displays the service schedule. This is the timing of the service orders as well as responsible servicer resources.

For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Feature 03.png
For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Feature 04.gif

Link service item lines and move them altogether

Are you familiar with the following: you scheduled a service task when your customer calls and asks if you could send two people so that they will be onsite half of the time than initially scheduled. In addition they ask you if you could deliver the service one date later than planned. Any idea how complicated it is in standard NAV to exactly achieve this? With the VSS, it is as simple as shown at the left hand side: split the service item allocation, move one part to another resource, link them together, set the link to parallel and then move the entire task.

Complete integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Visual Service Scheduler is a fully integrated add-in for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It opens as NAV page and does not require from the users to learn any kind of new menus, icons, symbols, etc. Double-clicking on a not yet allocated service item will, for instance, open the respective service order card with the corresponding service item lines. Likewise, double-clicking a resource will open the corresponding resource card.

For NAV - Visual Service Scheduler - Feature 05.png

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Introduction to Visual Scheduling for Dynamics NAV

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