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We consider product maintenance just as important as the development of new features & products. Our regular service releases offer our customers constantly revised versions of our products, comprising updates, bug fixes and product enhancements. This is a free service for customers with a valid support & maintenance agreement. 


Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.3
Build 1.3.0
Date 5 March 2019


List of Enhancements

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.
  • Additional NAV data fields (Variant Code, Service Order Type, Serial No., Contract No. etc.) available for tooltip and in part also for bar label.
  • The first day of the overload can be directly scrolled to by pressing the CTRL key and at the same time clicking the overload symbol in the table,
  • When “Save changes immediately” is used, new and changed allocations appear with a green frame until reloading.
  • The performance of loading and changing views was significantly improved.

List of fixed bugs

  • Changes of capacity utilization were not always shown in the resource calendar.
  • Using “Save changes immediately” sometimes lead to writing back defective allocation records to NAV.
  • Restoring width and heighth of the single charts now happens in a more stable way.
  • The histogram utilization wasn’t shown when a reload was done in the “Two Gantt charts” view.
  • Filter settings for the order backlog in the lower Gantt chart weren’t taken into account properly.
  • The allocation status didn’t change when a canceled Service Item Line had been reallocated by dragging the bar.
  • The deadline sometimes vanished behind the capacity curve.
  • Deselecting nodes in the order backlog sometimes didn’t lead to hiding the resource qualification symbol (“doctoral caps”).
  • Sometimes symbol layers in the lower Gantt chart were shifted in the “Read only” mode


Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.2
Build 1.2.0
Date 30 April 2018


List of Enhancements

  • Additional NAV data fields (country codes, addresses, etc.) available for tooltip and bar label
  • Searching for a Service Order Line in the order backlog and planning board by Order ID, Customer and Zip Code is possible.
  • New context menu item “Create Worktime” enables creating additional working time thus being able to place bars in work free times. This will neither appear in the calandar nor will it cause a capacity increase.
  • Collapsing and expanding in the order backlog is now possible. The “Setup” dialog was enhanced by an option to preset a collapsing level.
  • A warning symbol in the table area indicates a capacity overload (only, if the overload lies behind the work date).
  • A histogram view was added.
  • There’s a new mode “Viewer Only” that doesn’t allow saving changes.
  • A new context menu item allows to show detailed information on allocations by the Project and Assembly Module. By modifications of the CA/L code, these settings can be customized.
  • Different data filters for order backlog and planning table can be created, named and applied.
  • The new “Use start time” option in the “Setup” dialog allows to hide planning data the Response Date of which lies after the planning horizon (only available for the order backlog).
  • Significant performance improvement.

List of fixed bugs

  • “Hide planned service orders” didn’t work in the “Two Gantt Charts” view.
  • Error on taking over times from the Service Item Line: When a Service Item Line was allocated to a resource, the default duration was used ignoring a duration possibly having been specified before. Now this duration is only used if no times are specified.

The new features are also shown in a blog post.


Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.1.3
Date 31 January 2018


List of Enhancements

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
  • Multiple selection and moving of Service Orders and Service Item Lines by CTRL key is now possible for
    • moving from order backlog onto Gantt
    • moving from lower Gantt to upper Gantt
    • moving within the upper Gantt

List of fixed bugs

  • Different backlogs in the views “Two Gantt Charts” and “Tree & Gantt Chart”.
  • Incorrect changing of the allocation duration when allocations merged and Save Immediately was activated.
  • The color text constant for the resource absence was not processed in the add-in.
  • The second chart in the “Two Gantt Charts” view wasn’t updated.
  • Data weren’t saved to NAV when MultiMove was used.
  • When allocations were deleted, the resource fields had to be deleted as well on transferring to the order backlog.
  • Splitting and immediate shortening caused errors when “Save Immediately” was activated.

Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.1.2
Date 23 October 2016


List of Enhancements

The following enhancements were implemented in the Setup dialog:

  • Hide Response Date with the following options:
    • Not activated (= former default):
      • Resources can be collapsed and expanded
      • In expanded groups, the response date gets visualized either by a red (if the allocation bar starts after this date) or grey triangle
      • The triangle will be linked with the bar by a (red or black) line
      • While dragging an allocation, the date will be highlighted by a red deadline.
    • Activated: The highlightings described above are dropped.
  • Use Service Hour Starting Time
    Specifies whether the beginning of working hours will be based on the data fields Day, Starting Time and, if necessary, Starting Date (for a possible range of validity) of the table Service Hour (T5910).
    If this option is not activated, based upon the daily capacity, the working time will be centered around noon (e.g. 8 hours capacity will result in specifying the working time from 8:00 to 16:00).
  • Movement Grid (hours)
    Specifies how many time units are equivalent to one step when a node is modified interactively. Possible values: 0.25, 0.5 and 1 hour.
  • Initially Allocated Hours
    Specifies how long a bar will get when a service operation is dragged from the workload into the planning board at the left. A drop-down list offers the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours.

List of fixed bugs

The following areas were affected by bug fixes:

  • Save Immediately in the Setup dialog
  • Restriction of the allocations to the selected time slot
  • Better recognition of finished orders
  • Occasional problems when moving bars in expanded groups
  • Significant improvement of performance upon loading



Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.1
Date 15 June 2016


List of Fixed Bugs

  • In the “Tree & Gantt Chart” view now only ServiceItemLines can be dragged from the Order Backlog into the Gantt chart.



Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.1
Build 1.1.2
Date 2 June 2016


List of Enhancements

  • The Setup dialog now allows to specify whether allocations should stay in the same resource group when being shifted or not.
  • Allocations that are located after their ResponseDate are highlighted by a triangle symbol.
  • While allocations are being moved, orientation aid is offered by the ResponseDate being visualized as date line.
  • When bars are marked, all corresponding allocations get marked as well.
  • Look & Feel of visualization and interactions were improved


List of Fixed Bugs

The following areas were affected by bug fixes

  • Filtering
  • Handling of allocations
  • Handling of linked operations
  • Writing back directly



Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.0
Build 1.0.1
Date 16 July 2015


List of Enhancements

  • The filtering options by ResourceGroups and by ServiceOrders were added to the Setup dialog. The strings that are entered here will be used as NAV filter criteria, e.g.  „PLUMBERS|CARPENTERS“, „SO00006“ etc.
  • New General Options:
    • Save immediately: Each data modification will be stored in NAV immediately; an automatic reloading will not be invoked, however.
    • Show Finished Orders: By default Service Orders with repair status „finished“are ignored; this behavior can be changed here.
  • Highlight preferred resource (linked to service item)
    If a preferred resource has been connected to a service item, this resource will be marked with an asterisk, when the service item line is clicked.
  • Fixate tasks (ServiceOrderAllocations)
    In the node context menu, tasks can now be fixated, this being indicated by a yellow pin. Fixated tasks cannot be modified until the fixation will be reversed. 
    The data object ServiceOrderAllocation now has a new attribute IsFixed, that can be set, if needed, in the function LoadServiceDBToGantt() of the Codeunit 5416200 (NETRONIC VSS Manager). As this fixation can be set and reset in the node context menu, the appropriate storage of this attribute has to be added in the functions CreateSOARecord and ModifySOARecord of the code unit mentioned.
  • Visualize resource absences via negative resource capacities
    Absences (new nonworking times) now can be identified and visualized explicitly. For this purpose, the new text attribute Comment was added to the data object ResourceCapacity, that can be set, if needed, in the function LoadServiceDBToGantt() of the Codeunit 5416200 (NETRONIC VSS Manager). At the moment, only the key phrases „Holiday“ (orange), „Illness“ (green) und „Business trip“ (yellow) get colored. These key words can be customized by changing the text constants TEXT7235, TEXT7236 and TEXT7235 in the function LoadLanguageDependentOptions of the Codeunit 5416200 (NETRONIC VSS Manager).



Product Visual Service Scheduler
Version 1.0
Date 18 November 2014


Key Features

  • The main diagram of the VSS is the Gantt chart “allocations” in the top left area. It shows an overview of the service tasks to the respective resource, the priority being indicated by color.
  • In the Two Gantt Charts view, the unfilled orders, i.e. not yet allocated service orders/ service item lines are shown in a second Gantt chart, being sorted in alphabetical order within their priority level.
  • In the Tree and Gantt Chart view, the unfilled orders are displayed as indented list, being sorted by priority and response date.
  • By clicking a resource or resource group the corresponding capacity load will be displayed in a histogram below the Gantt chart.
  • Planning of service orders by Drag & Drop: Service item lines can be moved interactively either from the lower to the upper Gantt chart or from the Tree chart on the right side to the Gantt chart. Allocations to resources can be changed by moving them vertically to another resource. The duration of service orders can also be modified interactively.
  • Allocations can be canceled, split and deleted.
  • Fully integrated in the Standard Service Module and the Resource Planning of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Real-time visual decision-making support.

Technical Details

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (from version 2013)
  • Requires role-tailored client
  • Based on .NET Framework
  • Designed for data of Service and Resource Planning module
  • Integration in Dynamics NAV as page
  • Based on VARCHART XGantt 


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