No production planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials

The manufacturing module of Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium is too complex for many small and mid-size make-to-order manufacturers. For them, Essentials that allows for an easy management of commercial business processes, like quotes, orders, invoices etc. would be the right choice. However, Essentials does not include a production planning functionality matching the requirements of make-to-order manufacturers so that important information such as overview of delivery dates, utilization and usage of resources and production status is missing.

Exactly these requirements are met by just plan it, our cloud-based software for visual production scheduling for small and mid-size make-to-order manufacturers.

Gaining visual planning support effortlessly

just plan it is an easy time and resource scheduling software that can be connected with the Business Central software by our just plan it 365 app. This app integrates just plan it with Business Central and enables you to automatically create production orders in just plan it from items that you add to a sales order/ quote in Business Central. It provides you with "production finish" information on the fly and thus brings production scheduling to Business Central Essentials.

Watch the video to see how easy and comfortable just plan it works with Business Central with the help of the just plan it app.


Visual job shop scheduling

just plan it  empowers SMB make-to-order companies and job shops to improve delivery time commitments. It is a visual scheduling application built for production planners and owners of small businesses allowing easy-to-understand drag & drop changes of the schedule. Moreover,  just plan it offers a live-connection with the job floor thus always keeping the plan up-to-date.

  • Jop Shop Scheduling Software | Job View | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

    Job View - see all jobs, their tasks and due dates at one glance

  • Jop Shop Scheduling Software | Resource View | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

    Resource View - see your resources' utilization

  • Jop Shop Scheduling Software | Create a new job | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

    Create and add jobs with few mouse clicks

  • Jop Shop Scheduling Software | Capacity Report | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

    Powerful reporting capabilities - here: Capacity Report


The add-on app just plan it 365: Only 5 steps to production

scheduling for Business Central Essentials 


Our add-on app just plan it 365 lets you load data from Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials easily into our cloud-based just plan it software and use them there as basis for time and resource scheduling.


Microsoft App Source


To connect just plan it with D365 BC Essentials, you need:


Only 5 steps are needed to create the actual connection:

  • Get the free just plan it 365 app from Microsoft App Source and load it into your Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • In Business Central, connect your Business Central account with your just plan it account.
  • Add resource calendars to your Business Central resources.
  • Create production routings for the items you manufacture.
  • Add the items with routings to your sales orders/quotes and start planning.

The just plan it website offers a detailed step-by-step guide for connecting Microsoft Business Central with just plan it.



Selected features for production scheduling with D365 BC Essentials

See five highlights of our job shop scheduling software

Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Business Central

The add-on app just plan it 365 creates a full connection between just plan it and Microsoft Business Central: The Business Central dialogs Resources, Items and Sales Orders/-Quotes are extended by according fields and changes of plan made in Bussiness Central are directly shown in just plan it and vice versa.

Jop Shop Scheduling Software | item card | just plan it - made by NETRONIC
Jop Shop Scheduling Software | Fields of jpi on NAV order card | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

Automatic calculation of the delivery date 

A reliable production scheduling definitely needs a delivery date, the infomation of which is completely missing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bussiness Central Essentials. just plan it adds the field "Planned end date" to the "Sales Orders/Quotes" dialogs and automatically calculates it.

Live-connection to the shopfloor 

Thanks to the "Execute Mode" of just plan it, shopfloor data are included in the plan so that the shop runs with an always current schedule

The "Execute Mode" allows for:

  • setting the task status to "started" or "finished" 
  • easily integrating  shopfloor data in just plan it 
  • the plan always reflecting the current shopfloor status 



Jop Shop Scheduling Software | live connection to shopfloor | just plan it - made by NETRONIC
Jop Shop Scheduling Software | visualization of plan in different views | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

Different views for visualizing the plan

By fully visualizing it, the plan gets clearer and modifications can be done quickly and easily. Different views allow to switch focus according to the respective planning situation:

  • In the "Job View" all jobs are listed, sorted by priority.
  • The "Resource Group View" shows the resource utilization categorized by resource groups.
  • In the "Resource View" the resource utiliziation is displayed without the belonging groups. This can be useful, e.g., when resources belong to various groups.

Drag & drop scheduling

Move the position of jobs, tasks and due/release dates by simple mouse actions:

  • horizontally in the Job View to modify start and end dates 
  • vertically in the Resource View to reassign a task from one resource to another

With any movement of a task and/or a date, you immediately see the impact on the whole schedule. Of course, you can undo any drag & drop change you made. 

just plan it - planning by drag & drop

Comprehensive just plan it  website

Jop Shop Scheduling Software | comprehensive website | just plan it - made by NETRONIC

The separate website of just plan it, our software for Job Shop Scheduling, provides you with comprehensive information and supporting material.


Visit just plan it website

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