Gantt Chart Scheduling for Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing

Enhance Dynamics 365 Business Central with a fully integrated production schedule extension

The Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) is an extension that fully integrates into the manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the VPS you literally can do everything that you can with standard Business Central manufacturing - but visually.

The VPS provides the user with an interactive visual production schedule to better deal with production orders and capacities and to quickly react to any unplanned incident on the shop floor. The VPS is based on the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard functionality and does not require a change of any existing object. Hence, it can get installed and up & running in minutes rather than in hours or days.

  • For 365 VPS Production Order View

    The Production Order View

  • For D365 VPS: The Capacity View

    The Capacity View


Enhance Business Central with a visual production schedule

Seeing is believing: turn manufacturing data into an actionable schedule

Have a look at the video to see how the Visual Production Scheduler for Dynamics 365 Business Central turns time- and resource-oriented planning data into an actionable schedule. Ready-to-go in a few minutes.




Selected Visual Production Scheduler Features

See five highlights of the production scheduling extension

Drag & Drop Planning of operations

Move the position of operations by simple mouse actions – horizontally to modify start and end dates or vertically to modify assignments to different work or machine centers. 


For D365 - Visual Production Scheduler - drag_operation_vertically
For D365 - Visual Production Scheduler - open D365 card

Complete integration in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The VPS has been completely integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central as a page making use of the Dynamics 365 Business Central client extensibility framework. This integration allows for a seamless collaboration. Double-clicking on production orders for instance opens the production order card, while double-clicking on a work center correspondingly opens the work center card.


Visual decision support in real time

The Visual Production Scheduler is not just an interactive Gantt chart. Apart from the time-related position of production orders and their allocation to resources it also shows the workload of the resources. When a production order is moved exceeding work/machine center capacities, a visual warning will be displayed enabling you to react immediately. This way, you can keep dates and capacities in check any time!


For D365 - Visual Production Scheduler-show-capacity-curve
For D365 Visual Production Scheduler -automatic scheduling

Automatic scheduling of successors and predecessors

When operations being part of a production order are moved, the successors and predecessors can be automatically shifted with them while at the same time the float time is always minimized. This can be done with both sequential and parallel operations.


Many support functions for quickly navigating 

The Visual Production Viewer offers lots of options that make navigating in the planning board very easy: jump to the time now line with one click, zoom into a period by mouse-wheel, jump back to your starting position and much more.



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