Our Understanding Of Partnership

Partnering is always tricky - both in business and in our private lives. Here is how we think about and believe in working with our visual scheduling partners for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV.

You should hold us accountable for these principles.

  1. Everyone can become partner; free of cost and without compulsory billed training. The exception is our Visual Advanced Production Scheduler, which actually enhances Dynamics 365 Business Central by far - and hence requires a (paid) certification

  2. Our extensions are lean and straight-forward and so is the partner contract. For us, serving our partners and customers effectively and efficiently is key. We will achieve this based on the standard contract we have. This has been proven by working with way more than 300 partners around the globe. Hence, we prefer keeping this contract unchanged.

  3. We are open, transparent and clear (see point 2 ;-) and are looking forward to cooperating with partners acting on the same principles.

  4. We put a lot of energy both into our visual scheduling extensions and into helping our partners succeed. However, we expect a similar level of energy also from our partners: for us, a partnership always is the right mix of "give and take". We do not give to partners who just take.

  5. We are super flexible: we own the technology that was used to build our visual scheduling add-ins. Therefore, customer-required enhancements are no burden, but a pleasure.

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