Manufacturing execution system for strip material producers

Manufacturing execution differentiates from production planning via the direct connection to the distributed production automation and control systems. Hence, MES allows to manage, control and execute production in real-time. This includes classical plant data collection, machine data capture as well as other process data which have an immediate impact on the production process. However, the specific conditions of strip material producers such as a multi-stage production of roles rather than of pieces defined by a structured bill-of-material result in very particular requirements for the applied manufacturing execution system. All of this is achieved with our manufacturing execution software MES iGA which also includes a laboratory information management system (LIMS).


The MES iGA for strip materials

The core product MES iGA has been continuously enhanced since 2001 (initially by iGA and from October 2015 by NETRONIC). It is made to build custom solutions enabling a timely and resource-saving execution of production orders in the strip material industry. The MES iGA connects the ERP system with the production units and hence establishes a flexible link between the shop-floor and administration/ planning. This increases the transparency of all relevant process data and provides valuable input for an improved quality management. Consequently, the MES data can get tranferred seamlessly into a laboratory information management system.

Manufacturing Execution System - LIMS - MES iGA by NETRONIC - 01.png


Happy MES iGA Customers


BauschLinnemann provides coordinated decor and surface solutions from a single source – coordinated decorative design from floor to ceiling. The range covers flat foils, wrapping or floor foils and melamine edgings - any application can be transformed into reality in furniture and interior design, flooring or property development, for caravan design or in other areas of the wood-based manufacturing industry.

  • Implementation & maintenance of MES iGA
  • Laboratory information management system
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Cham Paper Group

The Cham Paper Group is a leading manufacturer of coated speciality papers. Surface finishing lends papers properties that generate value added for its customers. The company, which was founded in 1657, has three sites, one in Switzerland (Cham) and two in Italy (Carmignano and Condino), and a global sales network.

  • Implementation & maintenance of MES iGA
  • Transport system & warehouse control
  • LIMS

Freudenberg & Co. KG

Freudenberg produces nonwovens for a wide variety of applications. Customers come from the textile and automotive industries as well as many other sectors. 

  • Integration of process control system in existing networks

Papierfabrik Schoellershammer

The Papierfabrik Schoellershammer produces both fine paper as well as corrugated board base papers.

  • LIMS Implementation
  • Maintenance of MES iGA (both business units)

Quality Control & Management

The quality control & management module of the MES iGA is a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). This integration allows an efficient display and support of all laboratory and quality management processes such as the editing production orders or analyzing measurement data. The following lists highlights some key features:

  • Sort-/grade-specific target and threshold values
  • Automatic lock procedures for test objects (batches, production orders), even for associated systems
  • Freely configurable inspection records and certificates including automatic distribution
  • Customer-individual specifications
  • Comprehensive statistics about measurements, trends and progressions
  • Seamless identification of tests
  • Management of measurement values

Plant Data

The core value propostion of the MES iGA - the management, control and execution of production processes - is based on an effective plant data capture and the respective illustration. Overall, the system is highly flexible and can get easily customized to any individual need.

  • User-friendly and user-specific data capture at all machines on the shop-floor
  • Rapid access to relevant work documents
  • Free-to-define machine book for any machine
  • Control of routings of one production order
  • Backtracking of products as of ISO9000
  • Individually configurable label printing
  • Resource planning
  • Overview of machine utilization and availability
  • Comprehensive statistics about production, output, waste and downtimes
  • Provision of specific KPIs