Gantt Chart based on HTML5/JavaScript

We deliver a jQuery UI Widget exactly according to your requirements

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Save Time and Money

For more than 20 years, we have been specializing in developing software controls to easily build comprehensive visual scheduling and planning boards. Our experience has shown:

  1. State-of-the-art applications are platform-agnostic, and can be used anytime and anywhere.
  2. Many customers don't have enough time to take a real deep-dive into a specialized developer control.
  3. Nevertheless, they need visual planning boards, especially for production scheduling purposes.

Our answer to this scenario is the NETRONIC Web Application Framework (NWAF).

With our NWAF we develop for you high-performance, platform-independent graphical planning boards based on HTML5 and JavaScript. You can then embed these web-based planning boards in your application - with access to the application's source code. 

See and Test

But have a look for yourself: Test our sample application, in this case reflecting production planning and scheduling. Four views let you comfortably see and edit your data in the browser:

  • Production Orders (Production Orders View)
  • Capacities (Capacities View)
  • Loads (Loads View)
  • Combination of all three views (Splitted View)

Find more information about the structure of the application by clicking Info in the menu bar: 

You can test the application with your own data, using a JSON File. Further information will be provided by the Data Model:

Start the application now by clicking the screenshot:

Our Offer

Our NWAF enables us to develop efficiently and therefore we can offer you a reasonably prized jQuery UI Widget tailored exactly to your requirements. Moreover, you will benefit from our longtime experience in creating interactive, intelligent planning boards. Contact us:

  • We will develop an HTML5 Component, delivered as jQuery UI Widget, tailored to your needs
  • For production planning and scheduling we also offer a "Scheduling Engine" that can be added on the server side (.NET based component)

If you want to use the NWAF within your planning application, the following responsibilities will arise:

NETRONIC Web Application Framework NWAF
  1. NWAF: Developing, maintenance and service as well as the source code right are with NETRONIC.
  2. GUI layer: Development - NETRONIC & customer. Maintenance and service are with our customers, as well as the right to get the source code.
  3. Business logic: Completely remains in the responsibility of our customer.
See and test the HTML5 Gantt sample application now.