Powerful and easy to use Visual Scheduling Widget

Maximum flexibility in designing JavaScript/HTML5 Gantt Charts with minimum development effort

Are you looking for a quick way to visualize the data from your planning application in a user-friendly, intelligent Gantt chart or planning board? Use our Visual Scheduling Widget. It offers you great flexibility for your individual design, because you control the widget via the API and thus control the appearance and functionality of the planning board.

Visual Scheduling Widget - Standard Edition Sample App

This example of a production planning board was realized with the help of our Visual Scheduling Widget - Standard Edition. You can see functions such as order links, shifting aids, flexible time scales, histograms and more. Start the demo app and get a first impression of what you can do with the widget. The functions are explained in a "Read me" document.


Our Visual Scheduling Widgt gives you a lot of creative freedom

Make the planning board intuitive, intelligent and easy to use for your users

Dynamic Timescale

Our customers normally use a dynamic timescale that automatically (by mouse-wheel interaction) adjusts to the selected solution, so that the planner can zoom in and out seamlessly. The timescale changes in both directions: from years to months, to weeks, to days, to hours, to minutes, and to seconds. The timescale even allows to scroll left and right.

For Developers - HTML5 Gantt Chart - Feature 1.gif
For Developers - HTML5 Gantt Chart - Feature 2.png

Histogram in Gantt chart row

The benefit of a histogram is obvious: Capacity conflicts at a resource or resource group immediately become apparent. Up to now, histograms were usually shown below the diagram. However, some of our customers want to show histograms within a diagram row, thus shaping the link between allocation and availability more directly. More ideas about how to visualize capacity loads you will find in this blog post.

Visualize connections

Complex projects are split into many subprojects with many subtasks. In order not to lose the connection between the task packages and the time overview, links and totals bars belong to the standard visualization of project planning boards. With the Visual Scheduling Widget you can visualize total bars and different links.

For Developers - HTML5 Gantt Chart - Feature 3.png
For Developers - HTML5 Gantt Chart - Feature 4.gif

Built-in animations

Small functions sometimes have great impact. Especially when it comes to expand or collapse bigger groups, users often lose their “visual bearings”. Built-in animations, especially when switching between “showing all nodes in one row” and expanded view, let the user always understand what’s happening on the screen.

Manual allocation of orders, tasks & resources

Backlogs are great tools for giving the planner an overview of unassigned and already assigned tasks, orders or resources and placing them using drag & drop. A second table can be used to create such a backlog. Various other forms of backlog visualization are described in this blogpost.

Visual Scheduling Widget Standard Edition: Function Backlog

Visual Scheduling Widget - Standard Edition TOP 10 FEATURES 

Visual Scheduling Widget - Standard Edition

Unique functionality for intelligent HTML5 planning board

We want you to a) save time with our widget and b) develop a user-friendly HTML5 Gantt Chart that will delight your users. We have equipped the widget with a comprehensive package of functions that "almost" leaves nothing to be desired in terms of visualization, is easy to integrate and easy to use. Learn more about the Architecture and technical details of the Standard Edition HERE.

We also develop individual jQuery UI Gantt widgets. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.