Looking for Gantt Charts in Java for Complex Planning?

Create an outstanding visual scheduling experience with interactive Gantt charts

Are you currently developing a Java application and are looking for a way of visualizing your time- and resource-oriented planning data and their dependencies in a Gantt chart? The VARCHART JGantt control with its comprehensive object model is the ideal tool for rapidly developing interactive Java Gantt charts. The powerful features of VARCHART JGantt let you design a Gantt chart containing precisely the functionality needed for your planning requirements – whether for project planning, staff disposition, production scheduling or other application areas.

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    Build resource-centric Gantt charts

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    Visualize project data - with the same Gantt chart tool

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    Add (stacked) histograms to show the resource utilization

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    Easily change the Gantt charts with a visual property editor


The Ease Of Developing Powerful Java Gantt Charts

See examples how VARCHART JGantt enhances your scheduling application

A picture is worth than tousands words. In that regard, a video is worth than tousands pictures. Watch four sample videos to see how our Gantt chart control VARCHART JGantt enriches your Java scheduling application. The short clips either feature specific JGantt functions or (small) applications that have been built with the control.

Advanced Java Gantt Chart Control Features

See five hidden, but powerful features for your scheduling application

Optimizes Display of Overlapping Nodes

Overlapping activities are usually highlighted by a red underscore in one row. But how do you know how much the activities overlap each other? Optimize the view by arranging the overlapping activities one below the other. The row width will be adjusted automatically. 


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Layers and Nodes: Different Time Frames

An activity can comprise of several data records such as the set date pair "earliest start" and "latest finish" in project plans. Each pair of dates is represented by a layer and the whole activity by a node – recognizable by freely selectable attributes such as a light background for the activity. If dates are modified, you can either modify a layer (extend. shorten, move, delete) or the complete node (depending on your new planning requirements).


Phantoms Display – but Don't Define

Make use of the VARCHART JGantt phantom if you want to check the effects of your modifications first. When moving a phantom, the effect on the other data will be shown immediately, but not yet committed. Only when you release the phantom will the modification be carried out.


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Symbols - Also Used in the Table

The completion of activities can be indicated by a modifiication of the layer color - or by symbols in the table. A completed task coud be highlighted by a green hook, a delayed task by a red exclamation mark and a task in process by a blue dot. Of course you can choose symbols you like – traffic lights, smilies etc. Please note that as soon as the data are modified these tags change automatically according to the predefined conditions.


Zooming Interactively Into the Timescale

The timescale can be spread or minimized per mouse. Divide the time scale into different sections with different resolutions to concentrate upon a certain time span without losing sight of past or future time segments.



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Our Customers Know Best

Here are just a few examples what customers say about working with the .NET Gantt chart control VARCHART XGantt.


“"Due to our products’ complexity we need efficient tools for the production planning and control. This is why this application area undergoes a continous improvement process and JGantt is key to this process.”

Günter Bahlmann
IT Manager
Meyer Werft Papenburg


Customer NETRONIC Meyer Werft

"After having used NETRONIC products for a couple of years, VARCHART JGantt homogeneously blends in our modern software architectures. It enhanced versatility and productivity in our applications."

Hedrik Löhn
Air & Travel Solutions



Other technology?

We also offer Gantt controls in .NET and ActiveX.