Win Forms Controls for Interactive Business Charts

Intuitiv-to-Use .NET Controls with Powerful Functionality for Every Application Field

What Our Customers Say

"VARCHART XGantt is the most modern, versatile and handy Gantt control for diagrams and process optimization presently found on the market," Nedelko Todorov, Marketing und Business Development Director, L-Class.


For more than 10 years, NETRONIC has been developing Win Forms Controls for the application development and has been reliable partner of producers of planning software solutions for a long time.

.NET Control for Interactive Gantt Charts

Only minimal development effort is needed to create individual Gantt applications for complex data with VARCHART XGantt .NET Edition.

.NET Control for Interactive Network Diagrams

VARCHART XNet .NET Edition is the ideal developer tool to quickly create individual networking diagrams for your business data.

.NET Control for Interactive Tree Structure Charts

Intuitive Operation: The VARCHART XTree .NET Control offers all functions to visualize your planning data in meaningful tree structure charts.