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Gantt Chart Examples of VARCHART XGantt .NET, ActiveX and ASP.NET Edition

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Individual Gantt Charts: Feature Highlights of .NET, ActiveX and ASP.NET Edition

VARCHART XGantt as .NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX Edition offers a combination of profound functionality and flexibility: Our Gantt component comprises every function that is expected of a powerful up-to-date Gantt chart. At the same time, VARCHART XGantt's configuring options are so flexible that it integrates seamlessly into your application. Your customers will get exactly the Gantt chart they need for their individual planning processes.

New Functions VARCHART XGantt 5.0, SR 3

In service release 3 of VARCHART XGantt .NET/ActiveX Edition Version 5, new functions are available to boost the interaction functionality in Gantt charts. During mouse move you can provide planners with context-sensitive, intelligent information needed to quickly reschedule operations and tasks.

Watch this video to learn about

  • Snap tool
  • In-Interaction-Event 

Live Update

Live Update functions of VARCHART XGantt

With the new Live Update functionality, the consequences of a mouse interaction are being visualized immediately during the action and not only upon ending it. Every mouse movement results in updating the node, the consequences of the interaction for the overall planning becoming visible at once so that the planner can quickly find the new optimum node position.

Click the screenshot to start our video illustrating the live update features.

Optimized Display of Overlapping Nodes

.NET Gantt chart feature: showing overlapping activities

Overlapping activities are usually highlighted by a red underscore in one row. But how do you know how much the activities overlap each other? Optimize the view by arranging the overlapping activities one below the other. The row width will be adjusted automatically. This is one unique feature of VARCHART XGantt .NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX Edition.


More Information by Tooltips, Symbols and Annotations

Tooltips for more planning details in Gantt Charts

Use different layer designs, symbols and annotations to visualize important things. Show more information by using tooltips that will appear when the mouse is hovering over an activity/order. 

Highlighting and Editing in the Gantt Chart Table

Individual table layout for more information in a Gantt chart

Configure the table appearance using different line formats for different levels or simply to highlight certain lines or cells. Beside the usual data field contents,a cell can contain multiline text, data-controlled symbols or also MultiState fields (a check box e.g.) where every click causes a change of state of the associated data field. You can "in-place" edit your data by text, date or number controls.

Use Excel Style in the Gantt Chart

Design Excel style charts with VARCHART XGantt

The high flexibility of the node layers allow to design them like table cells even in the Gantt chart. This is true both for the .NET and the ASP.NET and the ActiveX Edition of VARCHART XGantt.

Workfree Periods in Connection With Resources und Capacities

Capacity planning with VARCHART XGantt .NET component

Do the maintenance or running times of your machines differ? Visualize the different work periods by means of the calendar function and highlight different work-free periods in the Gantt chart. Show the resource capacities in a histogram and clearly emphasize them.

Planning With Two Gantt Charts

VARCHART XGantt highlight: two .NET Gantt charts on one screen

Arrange two Gantt charts one below the other to assign not-assigned orders/tasks/activities to resources by Drag&Drop. Adjust the user's interactions to the according necessities and let him shift the orders horizontally or vertically or prevent him from doing so.

Cross-linked Gantt Chart

VARCHART XGantt .NET component visualizes successor and predecessor

Create clear-cut and unambigous links between acitivities with predecessor and successor dependencies. Use different link types between the layers/bars and thus highlight them. Create, modify or delete links interactively in the Gantt chart.

Use our Time Scheduler that plans activities automatically by forward and backward calculation from earliest start and latest end date and calculates the critical path on the basis of this data and the float times.

Use and Visualize Hierarchies

Gantt chart with hierarchical structures

Use the hierarchy function of VARCHART XGantt to illustrate each form of multi-level arrangement of the activities and processes that are to be scheduled. Use indentations in a tree structure to so that the different levels can be ealisly identified. The details of the single activities/taks can be shown by expanding them or be displayed as sum by collapsing them. Activities can be added to a hierarchy level by a simple mouse click.

Zooming in With the Time Scale

Use different time scale resolution in .NET Gantt charts when zooming in & out

If you want to view a certain time section of the chart, you can enlarge or minimize  it just as you like. You could as well divide the time scale into different sections with different solutions to concentrate upon a certain time span without losing sight of past and future.


Print Sections or the Complete Diagram

VARCHART XGantt offers powerful print functionality

Our .NET, ASP.NET and ActiveX Gantt chart component comes with powerful print capabilities. Define the page layout and view the result in the integrated page preview. Specify which diagram parts are to be repeated on each side and how title and legend are to be displayed. Have the time scale use the whole page width. Create pdf files to communicate your Gantt views in standardized electronical form.