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Release Notes VARCHART JGantt 3.2

Product VARCHART JGantt
Version 3.2
Build 20170821.0952
Release SR3
Edition Java Beans
Date 21 August 2017

List of Fixed Bugs

  • An inaccurancy of the TimeScaleCollapseFactor was repaired.
  • ActualRemainingDurationReference and ActualEndReference were not processed correctly in the scheduler.
  • Performance problems in the scheduler.
Product VARCHART JGantt
Version 3.2
Build 20170407.0811
Release SR2
Edition Java Beans
Date 7 April 2017

List of Enhancements

  • When starting the samples of the SamplesBrowser you can now choose a locale. Default locale is that of your computer.

List of Fixed Bugs

  • InteractionMoveMultipleNodesEnabled didn’t work correctly.
  • The Save button in the DiagramControlPanel was processed incorrectly.
  • Drawing of links lead to a HeapOverFlow.
  • A setup error was fixed.
  • Caution: Old versions of JGantt 3.2 (before 19 January 2017) have to be uninstalled before the new JGantt 3.2 can be installed.
  • JGantt now also runs on Headless servers.
  • The color of grid lines in the JGantt table (with header) now is taken from the LineColor of the TableColorScheme.
  • The JGantt method identifyLables was corrected.
Product VARCHART JGantt
Version 3.2
Build 20161202.1502
Release SR1
Edition Java Beans
Date 5 December 2016

List of Enhancements

  • Missing JGIHistogram property NumScaleLineColor was added.
  • The sample TrueTypeLinks was revised.

List of Fixed Bugs

  • GROUP_ROWLAYOUT_SINGLE_OPTIMIZED: The processing of layers with the property ExludedFromMarking (these are not taken into account for optimizing) didn’t work properly.
  • Loading of pictures: Memory Leak was eliminated.
  • Repositioning of links with standard bendstyle didn’t work.
  • The timescale can have more than 1000 ticks now.
Product VARCHART JGantt
Version 3.2
Build 20160818.0916
Release Initial Release
Edition Java Beans
Date 24. August 2016

List of Enhancements

  • Display of a freely definable legend containing any text or graphic so that also objects not being a layer or a link can have legends.
  • Links can be highlighted by colors. Changing of direction of links can look rectangular, with slant or round.
  • New sample True Type Links (in analogy to XGantt).

Release Notes VARCHART JGantt for Download