VARCHART XGantt, version 5.1


Product VARCHART XGantt
Version 5.1
Service Release SR 1
Edition .NET, ActiveX, ASP.NET
Date 25 March 2017


List of Enhancements

  • No enhancements in this release

List of Fixed Bugs

  • Moving an operation into another group started automatic time scheduling.
  • Operations with duration = 0 were displayed as overlapping in the optimized layout.
  • The German language .dll couldn’t be used in the development environment Gupta.
  • In some cases, layers extended into the table area.
  • If several nodes were moved simultaneously and beyond the start of the time scale, their temporal position to each other was changed.
  • If the time scale’s solution was modified while live update and optimized arrangement of nodes was switched on, the optimization was lost after releasing the mouse.
  • SEHException with VcGantt.FitRangeIntoView
  • Setting a single DateLineGrid by VcGroupLevelLayout.DateLineGridName multiple times had a cumulative effect.
  • Rectangle layers with 4 rounded corners were not displayed correctly.
  • Dragging an entry from a list box onto the Gantt without dropping it and dropping it again in the list box, activated the scroll mode in the Gantt.
  • Neither snap lines nor snap markings were displayed during lengthening/shortening of nodes.
  • Rapid dragging and dropping of nodes outside the chart triggered defect links.
  • In some cases, the groups of the source chart were not expanded again after dragging and dropping a node into another entity of XGantt with automatic collapsing/expanding of groups being switched on.
  • After deactivating the indent columns in the “Edit table format” dialog, the corresponding entry in this dialog was not updated.
  • Setting an ActiveNodeFilter in the hierarchical arrangement resulted in a different arrangement.
  • Group titles were cropped in the print preview if the “Adopt appearance from view on screen” option in the “Page setup” dialog was activated.
  • Error 1 and Error 2 were triggered by multiple opening of the “Edit layer” dialog at design time.
  • In the table format "StandardListCaption" the usage of graphic files didn’t work
  • When layers with their label lying outside were quickly moved in the live update, a “trail” was shown.
  • Minimizing the time scale caused artefacts to be shown at nodes.
  • “Right” alignment of time ribbons didn’t work.
  • Modifiying VcLayer.NonWorkIntervalShape at runtime had no effect on a capacity curve based on this layer.
  • In the hierarchical arrangement, the nodewise calendar grid for summary bars was not displayed.
  • Renaming a time scale at design time was not applied.



Product VARCHART XGantt
Version 5.1
Service Release initial release
Edition .NET, ActiveX, ASP.NET
Date 4 December 2016


List of Enhancements

  • Automatic collapsing/expanding of groups now also possible when groups are being moved.
  • Several new sash attributes:
    • Three-dimensional display can be switched on/off.
    • The sash width can be specified.
  • The moving phantom of the sash can appear as double line.
  • The rubber rectangle for marking nodes can be switched off.
  • New interaction mode for moving the screen section by hand cursor (so-called panning mode).
  • New object VcViewComponent for setting attributes for each component individually.
  • Attributes for the layout of layers in work free areas can now be specified. For this, the Edit layer dialog was restructured and the API was enhanced by new properties.
  • The arrangement of nodes in a group and the collapsing state of a group can now be specified data-driven individually for each group.
  • New properties VcGantt.SnapTargetNodesSelectionMode and VcNode.SnapTargetMode. This enables to specify for each node individually whether it is to be a snap target for nodes being moved or not.
  • Three new layer shapes: vcRectangleTriangleLeft, vcRectangleTriangleRight, vcRectangleTriangleLeftRight.
  • New events: vcInteractionModeChanging and vcInteractionModeChanged
  • New method: VcLegendView.Update()
  • Snap lines and snap markings for visualizing snap targets at nodes.
  • New method VcDataRecord.IdentifyObject for identifying the object (node, link, group) representing the data record.
  • New property VcGroupLevelLayout.GroupsInvisible to specify whether the groups having been created from the VcGroupLevelLayout for the respective level are to be displayed or not. The visibility of groups can also be specified depending on a data field. For this, the following properties were added:
    • VcGroupLevelLayout.GroupsInvisibleMapName
    • VcGroupLevelLayout.GroupsInvisibleDataFieldIndex
  • New properties VcGantt.DraggingViaDiagramComponentAllowed, andVcGantt.DraggingViaTableComponentAllowed allowing to specify areas where drag & drop is activated.


List of Fixed Bugs

  • Setting the time zone in Windows to "UTC+3 Istanbul" triggered a crash.
  • Calling VcGantt.Reset and reloading the data caused Error 13 Class 1720 when closing the application.
  • Using VcGantt.CombiningControlsEnabled=true (Multigantt) and calling the page preview with zoom factor = 100 % led to AccessViolationException.
  • The events OnInteractionStartComplete and OnInteractionObjectChangingCompleteweren’t fired by XGantt ActiveX in a .NET application.
  • If an activity with duration = 0 days was dragged to a weekend, the end date was < start date.
  • VcGantt.ScrollToNode didn’t work when all groups were collapsed.
  • AutoSchedule and restriction dates caused problems.
  • Symbol layers didn’t snap according to the specified smallest time unit when being dragged horizontally.
  • Performance problems with ExtendedGroupingNodesOnSubLevelsAllowed set to NO.
  • Possible memory leak in WinForms XGantt control fixed.
  • Performance problems when loading, collapsing/expanding, dragging vertically and filtering of nodes in hierarchical arrangement.
  • Automatic scrolling when moving groups did only work when carried out for the first time.



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Release Notes VARCHART XGantt, version 5.1

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