VARCHART XGantt, version 5.2


Product VARCHART XGantt
Service Release SR 2
Edition .NET, ActiveX
Date 10 July 2022


List of Enhancements

  • No enhancements in this release.


List of Fixed Bugs

  • After scrolling and moving layers, bars remain invisible.
  • Phantom display is not ok when dragging nodes.
  • With MultiMove in LiveUpdate, node phantoms of nodes that are connected per link slip away.
  • When moving bars, the bar becomes shorter and shorter.
  • Error 522 with time zone "Helsinki, Kiew, ..."

Product VARCHART XGantt
Service Release SR 1
Edition .NET, ActiveX
Date 29 January 2021


List of Enhancements

  • No enhancements in this release.


List of Fixed Bugs

  • Error 222 when loading very large node sets.
  • Malfunction when using KeepNodesTogether=YES.
  • WMF export does not work anymore.
  • Error message when dragging and dropping a row from an ext. list.
  • Overlapping nodes protrude into the table area.
  • Incorrect display of calendar grids.




Service Release

First version



.NET, ActiveX


26 August 2019


List of Enhancements

  • Layers can be specified individually to be taken into account for calculating overlaps of nodes and their display or not. This is done in the “Specify bar appearance” dialog in the according selection column.

  • Links can be created interactively now also in the table area which can be only be activated by parameters in the configuration file and not on the property pages. For further details please contact us.

  • XGantt now uses the C++ Runtime DLLs from Visual Studio 2017 so that the overall performance has improved.

List of Fixed Bugs

  • Printing in the WMF format didn’t work in certain VCPrinter settings.

  • The numbering of the internal field <line number> in the table started with 2 instead of with 1 in hierarchical display.

  • Links in the ResourceScheduler were apparently ignored after the planning strategy of some tasks had been set from JIT to ASAP.

  • Activating “snap” for grids and layers caused a crash.

  • Finishing the application with grids having been specified as snap targets caused a crash.

  • ResourceScheduler2: Links in JIT were ignored partially.

  • The events VcNodeCreated and VcInteractionEnded occurred in the wrong order when an e.Node.Update() was called in VcNodeCreated.

  • Clicking a second node with holding the SHIFT key pressed triggered Error 191 (class 109:).

  • Drag & drop between two XGantts with shifting calendars and restriction dates lead to wrong node dates.

  • Hierarchical display:

  • Vertical movement of a summary bar in hierarchical display caused a crash.

  • When indentation of groups were increased or decreased neither VcGroupModifying nor VcGroupModified events occurred, in spite of the hierarchy codes changing.

  • Only under Windows 7 x64: Moving the only node of a branch vertically caused a crash.

  • After loading data with VcGantt.Load a second time, a world view having been activated initially (i.e. at design time) disappeared.

  • When moving a group vertically to the second level above the table area, neither VcGroupModifying nor VcGroupModified events occurred.

  • Multiple interactive decreasing and increasing the indentation of a node caused an inaccurate hierarchical structure.

  • Creating a node interactively caused a crash when no layer could be assigned to this node.

  • A crash occurred when the print preview was opened and certain properties of the print control were retrieved.

  • No VcNodeModifiedEx events when multiple nodes were moved and e.ReturnStatus = VcReturnStatus.vcRetStatFalse was set for single nodes.

  • Left clicking or moving a group node triggered the DragDrop event.

  • The node jumped away under the mouse cursor during certain drag & drop actions.

  • The events VcNodesMarking and VcNodesMarked didn’t occur when trying to mark multiple nodes of the same group by keyboard.

  • Wmf export caused bars to protrude over timescale start and end.

  • The ResourceScheduler2.OperationPreparationOffset property had no effect.

  • Error 5 while moving a node.

  • Wrong indentation width shown in the table editor.

  • Setting the time zone to “Moscow” (UTC +3:00) triggered the VARCHART errors 322, 522 und 524.

  • Time zone Asuncion (UTC -4:00): From the date of switching to DLST on 7 October 2018, 00:00, every day in the day ribbon of the time scale started at 23 h.

  • Simultaneous movement of multiple nodes caused a crash.

  • When mounting XGantt ActiveX on a Windows form an error message appeared.

  • No date lines could be set in the “Grouping” dialog (design time).

  • Activities being represented by symbol layers and being positioned on the time scale start had links extending into the table.


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Release Notes VARCHART XGantt, version 5.2

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