Take advantage of our experience in Gantt Chart development

With the experience of 30 years we are leading in the development of Gantt Chart Software. We want our customers to develop high-performance Gantt charts that offer their users enormous added value through intelligent visualization and interaction options.

In the course of this, we repeatedly receive requests from our customers for targeted, bundled support, especially on the topics of "performance" and "interaction". We have therefore decided to make our wealth of experience available in a simple, standardised and attractively priced way.

Use our targeted consulting as a "start-up aid" to develop your Gantt application further on your own initiative and effectively!

These are our offers: 

Performance optimization

Consulting package P1

Basic analysis of the used XGantt settings – 1 day

This service package includes a basic analysis of your used XGantt parameters.

NETRONIC will check performance-critical settings and their interaction:

  • Number, kind and usage of calendars.
  • Number, kind and usage of layers.
  • Number, kind and visualization of logical links.
  • Number and usage of filters and their mapping tables.
  • Multiline table or layer labels.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of the grouping.


Price P1: 1.000 EUR


Consulting package P2

In-depth analysis of the used XGantt settings and the program codes – 1 additional day

In addition to P1, we will carry out an in-depth analysis including your code.

  • Data tables and their linking
  • Duration of the pure (first) loading of data
  • How are updates carried out?
  • Would incremental update/reload be possible?
  • Is the horizontal and vertical scrolling fast enough?




Price P1 + P2: 1.600 EUR

Optimized planning by intelligent interactions

Consulting package I1

Demonstration of the new XGantt features with typical sample programs – 4 hours.

This service package inludes a listing of the possible LiveUpdate features

  • Overview of the many events that can be caught.
  • Immediate updating the node layout when one or more nodes have been moved.
  • Immediate rerouting of links after nodes have been moved.
  • Immediate spreading or compressing of the timescale.
  • Immediate group optimization after nodes have been moved.
  • Immediate updating of summary bars.
  • Changings in the histogram area after nodes have been moved.
  • Showing alarm signals during moving.
  • Indicating valid and invalid calendar areas when moving.
  • Showing helper lines for easy positioning.
  • Definition of snap objects (dates, layer, deadlines…).
  • Updating of any other objects by events InteractionStarted, InteractionEnded und InInteractionEventsEnded

Examples: Immediate postponing of predecessors and successors, highlighting of critical times during mouse movement and similar.


Price I1: 600 EUR


Consulting package I2

“Status quo” analysis of your application and suggestions for intelligent interactions – 4 additional hours.

In close consultation with you we will explore where the interactions will give the planner better and – most of all – immediate feedback on his planning’s impacts. This will be a very individual consulting process because depending to the target area of your application and the possible interactions, manifold scenarios are possible.

This package will be shaped very flexible according to your requirements.










Price I1 + I2: 800 EUR 

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