VARCHART JGantt: Java Bean for Gantt Charts

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Individual Price Structure for Individual Gantt Charts

The pricing of our VARCHART JGantt JavaBean results from different factors: Number of developers, number of applications, number of users, type of modules, etc. Besides, we support a variety of models. That is why we recommend and offer  you to contact us to have the best price fixed for you on the basis of an individual discussion. The following example calculation will give you a first impression:

Example 1: Small Gantt Application

Our small application which you would create for one of your clients is based on the following assumptions:

  • The Java Gantt chart application is fully functional, visually appealing and completely interactive
  • The application uses functions of the modules Basis and Data Editing
  • Up to 15 users are able to work with the application simultaneously
  • You are allowed to create with the VARCHART JGantt Java Bean Control an unlimited number of Gantt chart views and Gantt chart applications in the course of time

The price of such a specified small application will be significantly below EUR 5,000. 

Example 2: More Comprehensive Gantt Application Including a Histogram

Of course, a wider range of functions and an increasing number of users will affect the price but at the same time your customers will enjoy a significantly larger graphical benefit. This is why our second application offers more functionality but can be sold to a greater number of customers, however.

  • You can develop a fully functional, powerful, interactive Gantt chart application        
  • Apart from the Gantt chart you could display a histogram for each resource so that the customers will immediately recognize the effects on the capacity utilization arising from modifying the resource allocation
  • Hence the modules Basis, Data Editing and Histogram are used        
  • Up to 100 users can work with this application        
  • The number of Gantt chart views and applications to be created with VARCHART JGantt Java Bean is unlimited

The license fees of such a comprehensive application being sold to several customers will be less than EUR 12,500.  


Modules of VARCHART JGantt Java Bean

Basic (Viewing Only)

The module Basic of our Gantt software provides all functions required for viewing the Gantt chart, including:

  • all graphical layout functions for Gantt charts, such as multi-level grouping and multiple tasks per row in overlapping or optimized mode
  • data dependent assignment of graphical attributes by filters or by mapping
  • multiple calendars and calendar grids to visualize time patterns in a Gantt chart
  • multiple sections of different scale as well as collapsing non-work periods in time scale
  • printing comfortable paging and page preview (does not apply to ASP.NET)
  • collapsing and expanding of groups in the Gantt graphmatching, reducing and expanding the time scale resolution of the Gantt chartexport of PNG images in HTML (only applies to ASP.NET)

Data Editing

provides all functions of editing the application data of your Java Gantt chart, including:

  • Moving bars horizontally and vertically or changing durations.
  • Create, delete or modify any application data like tasks or activities, group titles or links.
  • In-place editing in table cells and changing data in a data editing dialog.
  • Drag from one JGantt instance to another one within the same virtual machine.
  • Time scheduling for early and late dates as well as total and free floats.


provides all functions of histograms in your Java Gantt chart, including:

  • Calculation of resource workloads from application data and displaying as well as immediately updating them when a bar is moved in the Gantt chart. 
  • Displaying and editing of resource availability showing overloads and shortfalls.
  • Numerous graphical layout features for numeric scale, shading, line styles etc.