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Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our Add-in easily integrates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC and complements your production planning by an interactive graphical planning board.

Visual Production Scheduler for Dynamics NAV

Provide your planners with powerful graphics to interact and optimize in the Classic Client

Production Planning in Dynamics NAV Classic Client

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To-Increase, a leading global ISV for Microsoft Dynamics, has used Netronic's Gantt chart software to create a Visual Job Planner solution that gives ...

VARCHART XGantt: Integral Part of Dynamics NAV and AX

Microsoft uses our graphic component VARCHART XGantt to create interactive Gantt charts in their ERP systems Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX. Being an integral part of the two ERP systems, our Gantt chart control provides you with a great variety of options for enhancing and optimzing the graphic planning functionality in Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX.

Moreover there were many Dynamics NAV clients who told us that they miss exactly this typical interactive planning functionality in the so-called role-tailored client. This is why we offer a Production Scheduler as Add-in for Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and Dynamics NAV 2013.

Production Scheduler: Key Tool in the Fine Planning of Dynamics NAV

Don't confine yourself to the functionality fixed by the ERP system NAV (Classic Client) in the Gantt chart in the Manufacturing Module. Buying a license of our Gantt Chart component VARCHART XGantt you can enhance the Production Schedule. You could, for instance, add tooltip texts thus providing the planner with additional information since the license enables you to use the full functionality of the Gantt component.

Do you miss a graphic Production Schedule in the production planning in the so-called role-tailored client of Dynamics NAV? We have developed an Add-in on the basis of the Production Schedule in the Classic Client that integrates seamlessly in Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and 2013, providing an overview of resources, machines, employees and their capacities and allowing for an effective, interactive fine planning. For details, have a look here.

Gantt Charts in Dynamics AX: More Performance in a Simple Way

Microsoft uses the Gantt component in Dynamics AX to create diverse Gantt charts that can only be used after having purchased a VARCHART XGantt ActiveX license. Modify the layout of the charts as you like and add functionality - use the full range of features offered by VARCHART XGantt to tailor the charts to your planning requirements.

Chart Instead of Tables: Intuitive Planning Tools for Individual Applications

The tables in Dynamics NAV and AX provide a lot of important information - but do they also let you quickly recognize relevant coherences? A machine breaks down - which machine is free now to work off the order quickly? A project is broken down into different subprojects - which tasks are delayed and does this affect the total duration? How are the items of a parts list related? How does ist affect the production process if one or more parts are not available? Creating new graphic overviews for your planners is often necessary and yet so simple. 

Develop individual, user-friendly Gantt charts, network charts or tree structure charts! You are at home in Dynamics NAV or Dynamics AX and we supply the tools for developing completely innovative views and interactive planning options.