Run your shop smoother with advanced finite capacity scheduling

The VAPS fundamentally changed the way we manage and run our production. On the one hand, it gives us transparency and the right tools to achieve stable and seamless production processes. On the other hand, it allows us to react to unplanned incidents quickly and to make the right decisions fast.

Ignacio Garrido Ceca | Managing Director Adix

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Advanced finite capacity scheduling benefits

How our customers benefit from an integrated advanced finite capacity scheduler


Run your shop smoother thanks to faster & better decisions

Run a simulation of your production schedule. Make both drag & drop and automatic changes to your schedule - and immediately see the impact on all downstream processes.

Run another simulation, and make different changes. 

Understand dependencies, spot late orders, and see the material availability status at one glance.

Compare the simulations by KPIs such as the number of late orders. 

Make decisions fast – based on what you see and understand.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Capacity View



Have happier clients thanks to improved on-time deliveries

Manage your schedule.

Understand the workload & timelines. See when the items from your sales order are scheduled, and on which machines.

Look at the Sales Order View, and immediately understand which items will be finished when - and which items will be finished too late.

Take this information to 

  1. give reliable delivery time commitments (as each finish date information is based on a realistic, finite capacity schedule)
  2. make corrective scheduling actions for all late orders

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Sales Order View



Increase the throughput thanks to better resource usage

See the resource load at one glance.

Understand capacity & bottlenecks thanks to intelligent color schemes. 

Apply the "fill idle times" function and minimize idle times on your machines. The result: more efficient operations and increased throughput thanks to better resource usage.

With the VAPS, you will produce more - without the need to invest in new machines.

Explore all benefits: watch an on-demand webinar.

We were changing the priorities every day. And then you are wasting a lot of time and you are using more time than expected for the production of every component or every equipment. The VAPS helped us to stop this.

Ignacio Garrido Ceca | Managing Director Adix

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How it works: Visual Advanced Production Scheduler features

Combine automatic and drag & drop finite capacity scheduling and enhance the standard manufacturing module of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Production scheduling features in action

We offer two different visual production scheduling apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) and the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS).

This 60-minute in-depth video shows what both apps have in common and also how and why they differ. The video starts with planning production orders by Business Central only - without any visual scheduling extension. Then we add the power of a visual drag & drop scheduler (VPS) to it before we add more scheduling power such as finite capacity scheduling (VAPS).

Multiple schedule simulations

The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler does not just support one version of the schedule. You can create multiple simulations and scenarios, compare them with meaningful KPIs, and then publish the one that fulfills your purpose best.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduling for Business Central - make a production plan with simulations
Efficiently schedule new production orders - Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Business Central-1

Efficiently schedule new orders - get realistic delivery times quickly

Whenever you create new production orders (from the planning worksheet, via sales orders, or manually) you see them on the standby resource. 

You can add them all to the schedule automatically - taking into account the current capacity utilization. 

The automatic finite capacity scheduler provides you with realistic delivery times instantaneously.

Squeeze in a rush order and see the downstream impact

You can also apply drag & drop scheduling with the VAPS. This is the scheduling tool of choice to deal with exceptions. E.g. if you have to squeeze in a rush order.

As the VAPS is a finite capacity scheduler, there is no overbooking of resources. 

As a consequence, you can immediately see all downstream impacts of any scheduling change you make.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Downstream Impact of Finite Capacity Scheduling
Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Material availability view

EMAD: See missing material at one glance

With the VAPS, we calculate the EMAD. EMAD stands for earliest material availability date. We provide EMAD information on the production order line level.

The color scheme "availability view" allows you to see all those production orders that are scheduled to start before the EMAD (in red). 

The EMAD is also shown when you drag & drop production orders, and you can configure the VAPS so that the EMAD does not get violated.

Scheduling with alternative machine centers

Define allowed alternative machines per routing step. Also specific factors for the runtime and the set-up time (e.g. if machine 2 is slower than machine 1).

See all allowed machines (highlighted; all machines: greyed out) when making drag & drop changes.

The factors automatically get applied by the finite capacity scheduler.

See all features: watch on-demand webinar.

Schedule with alternative machine centers - Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Business Central
VAPS in MicrosoftAppSource

Meets the highest Microsoft requirements

Our finite capacity scheduler extension meets the highest Microsoft quality standards because it is approved for and available on Microsoft AppSource. We provide an updated version of the VAPS every quarter and submit each updated version for a new AppSource validation.

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What our customers are saying

Advanced visual production scheduling & finite capacity scheduling references

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Licenses and subscriptions

Our license and subscription fees vary depending on the number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central full users according to the PartnerSource Business Center.


Perpetual licensing

Starts from EUR 7,500.00 (for a company with 1-15 Business Central full users).

Plus 20% per year support/maintenance



19.00 EUR per Business Central full user per month.


We strongly recommend new customers to order the Guided Trial together with their first purchase of the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler. The Guided Trial is the first step to successful visual planning. It can therefore also be used to test the VAPS. Included services:

a) 1 day (8 hours) worth of VAPS remote training and consulting sessions

b) Remote installation support

c) 30 days free trial to test the VAPS on your own BC environment

d) Access to the VAPS course in the visual scheduling academy (10+ hours online training)

The Guided Trial costs 1,950.00 EUR.

Get a Price!

Want to test finite capacity scheduling?

Of course, you can download the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler from the Microsoft AppSource. With the download, you have the right to trial for 30 days.

However, we recommend that you do not just test it on your own.

Although visual, the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler has a lot of powerful (hidden) features. We want to make sure that you manage to unleash the full value of visual production scheduling, and hence we designed the Guided Trial  to get you going both fast and purposeful.

Book a meeting with a scheduling expert to discuss how you can get going now.

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