Production scheduling extension enhances Business Central manufacturing


Advanced interactive visual scheduling for production orders & capacities



The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS) is an extension designed for manufacturers requiring more advanced scheduling capabilities than offered by standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The VAPS is made for Business Central (v14, cu1 minimum) only.

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VAPS in Microsoft AppSource


  • VAPS-Production Order Status View-small

    Production Order Status View - coloring by order status

  • VAPS-Availability View

    Availability View - see material shortage at one glance

  • VAPS-Waiting Times View

    Waiting Times View - your fasttrack to spot bottlenecks

  • VAPS-Focus Mode

    Focus Mode - just focus on one production order and the required machines

In addition to the functionalities included in our proven Visual Production Scheduler (VPS), the VAPS offers (among others)

  • interactive forward scheduling with finite capacities
  • alternative machine centers (incl. production coefficients for runtime and setup)
  • material availability on production order level
  • (virtual) standby resources in every work center
  • creation of multiple schedule simulations and publishing the best to Business Central
  • capability to pin operations
  • meaningful color schemes to focus on various scheduling aspects

The VAPS is explicitly made for Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Web Client, and requires Business Central V14 (cu1) minimum.

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Seeing is believing:
Visual advanced production scheduling
for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Have a look at this video to see how the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler for Dynamics 365 Business Central can boost your production scheduling capabilities.

Get a demo from a VAPS specialist now.

Selected Visual Advanced Production Scheduler Features

See five highlights of the production scheduling extension

Multiple schedule simulations

The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler does not just support one version of the schedule. You can create multiple simulations and scenarios, compare them, and then publish the one that fulfills your purpose best.

VAPS-pin operations3

Finite capacity scheduling

by drag & drop

Move the position of operations by simple mouse actions – horizontally to modify start and end dates or vertically to modify assignments to different work or machine centers. As the VAPS uses finite capacity scheduling, there will be no overbooking of resources. The VAPS comes also with snap functions (snap on other orders and snap on the work free times) to facilitate a precise drop and hence timing of your operations.

Pin operations with and without capacity utilization demand

Pinned operations won't get moved together with other linked operations. In case of a violation of the link sequence, the pin symbol turns red.


VAPS-pin operations3

Show “not yet by VAPS” scheduled production orders

Production orders that have not been scheduled by the VAPS yet, appear as "Standby" in the plan and can easily be included in the VAPS scheduling by drag & drop, or by applying the standard routing (without impacting other orders that were scheduled already).

Scheduling with alternative machine centers

By defining alternative machine centers (on the "alternate routing set" page) you can specify whether certain operations are to be worked off on alternate machine centers, thus being able to react to machine breakdowns or bottlenecks on certain machine centers. 

Get a demo from a VAPS specialist now.


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Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

The purpose of this 47-pages Ebook is to cover the frequently asked questions and to offer additional explanations all around advanced production scheduling in Dynamics 365 BC with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler.






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