At NETRONIC, we are all about powerful production scheduling for SMB manufacturing.

We focus on discrete manufacturers who require visibility, who need to actively schedule and change their production orders, and who depend on making accurate delivery time commitments. As such, we provide powerful scheduling solutions purposely made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and automatic finite scheduling for high-mix, low-volume manufacturers.

We do this passionately and are proud that our software is made in Germany.

We are small enough to be flexible and to react to our customers' and partners' ideas rapidly, but we are large enough to serve a global customer base. We are not just serving a global customer base. We are a small, flexible, and international company: we employ colleagues representing seven nationalities.

We want to empower every SMB manufacturer to gain operational agility with powerful production scheduling. For us, operational agility is a big thing. It translates into

  • faster and better decision-making
  • happier clients
  • making better use of resources.

Companies with operational agility are more successful than others. We want to bring this to our small and medium-sized manufacturing customers. Production scheduling is key to making this happen.


At NETRONIC, we share and cherish six core values:

  • We strive for customer value by providing outstanding products and services
  • We take responsibility and turn it into ownership
  • We collaborate open-mindedly toward the same goal
  • We communicate timely, reliably, and transparently
  • We are open to learn and to evolve
  • We enjoy succeeding together

We are no "one-hit wonder"


Today, we are all about powerful production scheduling for SMB manufacturing. We came here through a history of almost 50 years - being focused on developing software to visual time- and resource-oriented planning data.


NETRONIC Software OHG was founded as result of the doctoral thesis of our founder Dr. Andreas Schmitz.


NETRONIC Software OHG was turned into a "GmbH" (a company with limited liability). The purpose was the development of software to visualize network diagrams.

Early 90'ies

In collaboration with a large German ERP vendor, the VARCHART product line was developed, and NETRONIC became a vendor of software components for visualizing time—and resource-centric planning data.

Early 2000s

VARCHART XGantt became a globally used standard component for making comprehensive Gantt charts in leading planning software solutions.


Dr. Schmitz retired and sold the company to Dr. Martin Karlowitsch (new CEO) and alabon business development (strategic financial investor).


Launch of the Visual Production Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Dr. Elmar Karlowitsch joined the company, and his brother as the second managing director and shareholder.


Launch of - a unique cloud-based production scheduling software for high-mix, low-volume manufacturers.


Launch of the Visual Production Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - incl. publication in AppSource (one of the first 50 apps for Business Central in AppSource).


Launch of the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - incl. publication in AppSource.


Concluded the 500th reseller agreement with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central VAR. 


100 global high-mix low-volume customers are using just plan it.

We’re an international, driven, focused, and smart team who wants to make a meaningful impact growing a profitable business. Join us.