Enhance Dynamics 365 Business Central Jobs With Project & Resource Gantt Chart

Drag & drop scheduling for jobs & resources

The Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS) is an extension that fully integrates into the jobs & resource planning modules of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The VJS provides the user with an interactive project and resource schedule and allows an easy and intuitive drag & drop scheduling of jobs, job tasks, job planning lines and resources. The extension is based on the Dynamics 365 Business Central standard functionality and can get installed without changing any existing object. 

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Empower project planning with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Make it visual!

Turn jobs and resources data into an actionable project plan Gantt chart

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. So, here you go with a short video introducing the Dynamics 365 Business Central Visual Jobs Scheduler to you. 


Selected Visual Jobs Scheduler Features

See five highlights of the project & resource planning Gantt chart extension

Drag & drop planning of tasks, planning lines and resources 

Visually plan jobs, job tasks and job planning lines and resources by simple mouse actions  such as drag & drop. The VJS both supports horizontal movements (i.e. modification of start and end date) and vertical changes (i.e. modification of resource allocation). At the same time, you can implement and visualize dependencies of job tasks by simple interactions.

VJS: timescale options

Many support functions for quickly navigating 

The Visual Job Viewer offers lots of options that make navigating in the planning board very easy: jump to the time now line with one click, zoom into a period by mouse-wheel, jump back to your starting position and much more.

Create new job planning lines interactively

The "creation mode" of the VJS shows a list of your resources (in the Job View) or a list with all your jobs, job planning lines and job tasks (in the Resource View) so that you can interactively assign a resource to a task or a job task to a resource by dragging it from the list to the chart.

VJS: Capacity curve

Understand resource load, not just project structure

The Visual Jobs Scheduler is not just an interactive Gantt chart as you might know it from other project management solutions. Along with the position of jobs, job tasks and job planning lines in terms of time and their allocation to single resources it also shows the respective resource utilization. If moving a job task results in an overload, an optical warning will be given so that you can react immediately. Of course, this happens in real-time.

Complete integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The VJS fully integrates in Dynamics 365 Business Central and directly connects to its database, not requiring the implementation of another one. This tight integration brings a couple of benefits for the users: they do not need to learn a new UI, they can continue to work in their standard ERP environment and they a get a couple of shortcuts from the visual scheduling extension to the ERP system: Double-clicking a job, e.g., opens the respective job card.

VJS: Open Dynamics 365 card

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