If you’re used to working with our products, then you know that they are easy to understand, setup and install. As the name suggests, the VAPS is more advanced and complex compared to our other products because it brings a lot of enhancements to standard Business Central. Even if you know us and Business Central well, you won't know these enhancements. The certification makes sure that we together provide the best value to your customer. This is what matters most.

VAPS certified badge

  • If you are no NETRONIC partner yet: become partner
  • Contact our sales team, they will lead you through all necessary steps
  • Pay the certification fee:
    € 2,450
  • Once having paid, you will get access to the training course Visual Advanced Production Scheduler in the Visual Scheduling Academy.
  • Enjoy learning!
  • Pass the VAPS exam
  • In-person (remote) kickoff
  • 1-year access to Visual Scheduling Academy and the VAPS course
  • 2 hours technical & functional support after completion of training course (requires exam)
  • NETRONIC participation in 2 pre sales meetings (requires exam)
  • Demo version for your BC system
  • “VAPS certified partner” certificate
  • Languages:
    • All in-person services are provided in English or German.
    • The Visual Scheduling Academy is in English.

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Become VAPS certified reseller