Münstermann uses NETRONIC Visual Jobs Scheduler


  • Projects
  • Visual Jobs Scheduler

Central planning = reliable data and avoidance of resource bottlenecks

The VJS ensures transparent processes and more efficient planning at the German full-range supplier of drying and heat treatment plants. Read more

Unipromet uses VPS for NAV


  • Production
  • Visual Production Scheduler

Increased throughput by better usage of resource capacities

By using the VPS, the Serbian company Unipromet streamlined their complete production planning process and gained a stable basis for decision making. Read more



  • Production
  • Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Precise estimation and keeping of delivery dates = happier customers and employees

By using the VAPS, the Spanish producer of explosion protection systems made their production processes more precise and transparent, thus being able to keep delivery date promises, gain significant savings in transportation costs, and improve their employees' happiness. Read more

Dyaway reference for the Visual Scheduling Add-in Developer Toolboy


  • Service
  • Visual Scheduling Add-in Developer Toolbox

Manual allocation of work orders

With its outstanding EAM software, the Danish ISV focuses on companies with high-value assets. The Scheduling Board add-on provides comprehensive scheduling information in one view, allows manual allocation of work orders as well as has a direct connection to D365 BC. Read more

Reference: PrintVis Planning Board for print jobs and resources


  • Production
  • Visual Scheduling Add-in Developer Toolbox

Visual features support manual adjustment of jobs

PrintVis is the Microsoft certified Print MIS. The PV Planning board offers powerful features to help planners to adjust the job schedule quickly and save. Read more

Reference Dysel: Graphical Dispatch Board developed with Visual Scheduling Ad-in Developer Toolbox


  • Service
  • Visual Scheduling Add-in Developer Toolbox

Powerful Graphical Dispatch Board

For their state-of-the-art service management software, Dysel was looking for a development tool for interactive Gantt charts with advanced visual functionality that fully integrates into Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and found with the VSADT the perfect product. Read more

Reference Inarca VSJ machines

Inarca SpA

  • Production, Projects
  • Visual Jobs Scheduler

Transparency leads to more efficient planning

The Italian company used to plan masses of projects with Microsoft's ERP system Dynamics NAV but at some point this was not sufficient any more. Only the use of the VJS brought transparent data structure, better informed employees and more efficient planning. Read more

Winter und Freis Portfolio

Winter + Freis

  • Production
  • Visual Production Scheduler

More satisfied employees through greater transparency

The German company planned its production "analog" for a long time. The resulting problems were to be solved by using an ERP without a planning board, but this did not lead to a satisfactory result. Only the VPS brought more efficient planning, smoother processes and more satisfied employees. At Winter + Freis, they are delighted that "we have a very good tool with which to work". Read more


  • Service
  • Visual Scheduling Widget

Visualization along the process chain

Concentrating all important employee data in one place and then importing it into the planning board via individual settings - this idea gave rise to a new visualization tool that helps temporary employment agencies to plan and track their employee assignments easily and intuitively. Read more.

pk Chemicals

  • Production
  • Visual Production Scheduler

Coordination requires visualization

For a long time, the Danish company used Excel for their planning. In addition, the employees verbally kept each other informed about orders pending and those waiting to be processed. The VPS improved one criteria quickly: "Our KPI  for deliver on time to customers has increased  dramatically" . But this is not the only added value gained by the VPS. Read more.


  • Production
  • Visual Scheduling Widget

Planning board with lots of business logic

Support for daily sequence planning - this is what the customers of Add*ONE Simultaneous Planning of Inform wanted. Therefore, Inform developed a detailed planning component in combination with an interactive planning board with a lot of business logic, which enables the planner to make faster and more reliable decisions in his daily work routine. Read more.

Davis and Shirtliff uses VPS for make-to-order production planning

Davis and Shirtliff

  • Production
  • Visual Production Scheduler

Transparency is key 

When lead times shifted, the timely and accurate dissemination of information was a big challenge for Davis & Shirtliff, a Kenya based company for innovative solutions for water and energy systems. They used Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project for production planning. Now they use the Visual Production Scheduler, that provides the transparency needed to keep delivery on time. Read more.

Nahrin AG uses Visual Production Scheduler, customized by NETRONIC

Nahrin AG

  • Production
  • Visual Production Scheduler
  • Individual extension

The importance of sequence

The Swiss manufacturer of food supplements wanted to reduce the intermediate cleaning of the machines to a minimum. At the same time they need to react flexible to new orders and short delivery dates. This worked out: with the help of an individual extension of the Visual Production Scheduler. Read more.

Industry Solution for SAP Business ONE: APS with interactive planning board

Boyum IT

  • Production
  • VARCHART XGantt ActiveX

Industry Solution for SAP Business ONE

Beas (today Boyum) develops a visual APS Solution with resource planning for SAP Business ONE. By this, the planner not only gets a transparent overview of the very complex data structure characterized by many dependencies, but also can intervene manually in the planning process.  Read more.

Dickies embroiders with plan


  • Production
  • Individual Application

40% More orders at own machines

Today, Dickies uses the „Visual Embroidering Scheduler“,  thus not only gaining much more overview for their planning but also a considerably better machine utilization without getting into trouble with their delivery dates.  Read more.

From Pixabay animal-1238238_640


  • Service
  • HTML5/JavaScript/Visual Scheduling Add-In Developer Toolbox

Find free capacities quickly

nector furnished his pest control software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Pestsoft, with a visual dispatch board, to support their customers in accepting short-term orders more efficiently. Read more.

Bild von Pixabay camera-932981_1920


  • Service
  • Visual Service Scheduler

Reduction of planning conflicts

After upgrading from NAVISION to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, Service4CtS uses the Visual Service Scheduler to schedule their service technicians. Read more.

ESK Schultze uses Visual Production Scheduler in NAV 2013

ESK Schultze

  • Production
  • Visual Production Scheduler

No graphical planning board in NAV 2013

ESK Schultze used the graphical planning board in the classic client of NAV. When upgrading to NAV 2013, they missed their visualization of manufacturing data. Today the VPS fully replaces the old planning board. Read more.

from pixabay travel-3571077_1280.jpg


  • Project

More efficiency by constant level of staff

Building cruise liners require complex planning. The extending ship size, higher demands and cost pressure even makes it more challanging. A visual planning board lets planners schedule the great number of single processes faster. Read more.