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How Sofel gained accurate and complete data as well as high flexibility for their planning process

The transparency achieved through visual scheduling was key to operational agility

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For more than 25 years, Sofel bvba from Ronse in Belgium has been providing blending and packing of car cosmetics and industrial cleaning products. Their product range and production capabilities go from acids to high alkaline products, over oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions, to solvents and alcohols.  

Most of their products are sold under private labels.

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Executive summary

The initial situation

Before using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the company managed their purchases, sales, and production with a basic and outdated software solution. When this product reached its end of life, they were forced to look for another solution.  


Solution & results

The company now uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central together with some of Harmonize It's 3rd party solutions for the chemical industry. Production scheduling is done with the help of NETRONIC’s Visual Production Scheduler (VPS). This led to: 

  • Integration of scheduling into the Business Central environment and thus error prevention 
  • Transparent visual overview of the plan 
  • Enabling flexible spontaneous plan changes 

The situation before NETRONIC

It soon became clear that the way production scheduling is handled in Business Central did not sufficiently fit their production processes because for some steps in their planning it was too cumbersome and hence meant too much work for their planner. They urgently needed an “integrated solution without any extra (Excel) work, and with high visual representation of the data,” says Paul Den Haese, owner of Sofel 


Requirements for the planning toolNETRONIC reference Sofel - private label

Sofel needed a production planning tool that 

  • completely integrates into Business Central 
  • allows to change the production plan easily and quickly 
  • offers a clearly structured, transparent, and reliable visual overview of their processes 

Experiences working with the Visual Production Scheduler



Their ERP partner, Harmonize It helped them to look for an adequate tool and Sofel quickly opted for NETRONIC’s Visual Production scheduler, because, as Paul puts it “the visual aspect was what triggered us, and it is what we wanted at a reasonable price.” 


Usage of the NETRONIC VPS

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The company has not regretted their decision. They have gained the desired flexibility that is, according to Paul certainly one of the major advantages.” Due to the uncertain situation of the last years (limited availability of raw materials and/or longer lead times than initially confirmed), “it is of utmost importance that production plans can be altered very easily and quickly,” as Paul explains.

"The solution is nicely integrated with Business Central without having to build expensive interfaces or without the need to copy data back and forth. It is, data-wise, always updated, accurate and complete. It is also a visual solution which makes planning a lot easier, as it is quite straightforward to make any changes to the production plan, which can be done up to the last minute.”  

Paul Den Haese, owner of Sofel

Advantages of the VPS

  • Full integration into Dynamics 365 Business Central means always updated, accurate, and complete data
  • Clear-cut overview of the plan

  • High degree of flexibility gained by easy and even last-minute changes to the plan


Collaboration with NETRONIC

Paul is very happy about the decision to work with NETRONIC and thinks that other companies in a similar environment can also benefit from working with their products. He would “very, very likely“ recommend NETRONIC: 

 “If you need something that works well, does what you want it to do, gives you a good overview of what you are doing, don’t hesitate. You will be surprised of the impact on your organization.” 

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Summary: tangible benefits of visual production scheduling

Easy-to use and intuitive tool: no training required

Fully integrated in Business Central environment

Allows easy and quick changes to the plan

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