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Martin Karlowitsch, CEO

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"In a world where everyone is drowning in information, this podcast can be the one stop shop for everything you need to learn about manufacturing when you run Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central."

When analysts and press speak about what manufacturers should look at in terms of technology, it sounds so simple. Take some IOT (internet of things) and a bit of AI (artificial intelligence) and boom. Your shop will run and prosper on its own.

But for 99% of all small and mid-sized manufacturers this simply is not the reality, and will not be a few years out. Most smaller manufacturers are somewhat in the middle of their digitization journey (which actually tells more about digitization technology than about manufacturers ;-). 

For almost every small and mid-sized manufacturer, introducing an "ERP" systems is a landmark, is a tipping point on that digitization journey. Obviously, an ERP system is the backbone for all processes and operations. A properly running ERP system is the foundation for most manufactures to unleash further productivity gains using additional technological capabilities built in on this foundation.

In the past years, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has turned out to become a compelling ERP system for many small and mid-sized companies, and also manufacturers. It integrates into what most workers are used to: the Microsoft office family. It seamlessly runs on Microsoft's cloud technology, and it comes with a daily increasing plethora of apps that help customers to customize it to their needs.

Now look, an ERP for manufacturing companies isn't a new idea. And for most small manufacturers, the challenge isn’t understanding the value of an ERP, it’s figuring out what the heck to do and where to start, especially with limited resources. But that’s where I come in (hey by the way, I’m Martin, and I’m the CEO at NETRONIC Software). As the host of our new Business Central Manufacturing Show, my mission is to help you become an expert on "all things" Business Central manufacturing.  Each week I'll bring you interviews with leading manufacturing specialists of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners and customers. 

This podcast is meant to collect and share knowledge and information, best practices, lessons learned and some "super hacks" for all manufacturing companies that work with or consider working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And with this, this podcast can become your one stop shop for "all things" Business Central manufacturing.

Martin Karlowitsch


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