JavaScript Gantt charts as control add-in with AL-API for ISVs

You want to develop your business solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Your ISV solution also contains visual planning boards or other visual overviews your customers love very much? You have programming skills in AL but unfortunately your skills regarding HTML5/JavaSript are not profound enough to develop these overviews? In this respect we can help you - we develop for you a client control add-in that you can integrate in your business solution and access via AL-API.


These are your benefits:

- You don't have to learn HTML5/JavaScript
- You can easily access the Gantt chart by an AL-API
 - You stay flexible and can make changes
 - You gain "time-to-market" or "time-to-value".
 - You benefit from our decade-long experience in creating user-friendly graphical planning boards.


  • Staff planning in D 365 BC

Connection between ISV solution and customized client control add-in

D365 controll addin_3

The client control add-in we develop for you is tailored towards your individual visualization demands of your business logic. You have only to write the AL procedure calls for changing  your visual overview and equipping it with data. You access the objects by yourself via API and so can modify the settings as you wish without having to be an HTML5 expert. This way, you get an integrated Gantt chart board but stay master of the business logic.


Next steps

It's an easy way to your customized client control add-in:

- You discuss with us your visualization requirements.

- We write them down in a FRD (functional requirements document) and an IDD (interface design document).

- You write AL procedure calls to equip the visual overview dynamically and to change it.

- You  don't need HTML5/JavaScript knowledge

- You benefit from our expertise in powerful Gantt charts.


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There are no limits for visualization

Five features our customers find important

Table, timescale, bars

The classical structure of a planning board consists of these three elements. You determine the number of hierarchy levels in the table, the behavior of the timescale when maximizing or minimizing the displayed time range, and how much information is to be shown in the bar.

JavaScript Gantt charts for D365 BC
JavaScript Gantt charts with capacity curves

Capacity curve

The capacity curve is an important means of visualization when it comes to controling and managing resources. Usually, the curve is shown as overview above or below the resource, but it can also reflect the capacity of a whole group. We create the visualization form - you equip it with data as you wish. Here are three different ways of visualizing a capacity curve.


Our customers use very different backlog forms to allocate tasks to resources: a table, a kind of tree chart, a second Gantt... This blogpost gives you an idea of all the different ways of using an order backlog.

Different backlog visualization in JavaScript Gantt charts for D365 BC
JavaScript Gantt chart with calender view for capacity control in D365 BC

Calendar element

With alternative and aggregated calendar types we can condense information and enable quickly navigating the Gantt chart.

Individual text boxes

Summing up information in an overview creates transparency, but showing too much details will create chaos. This dilemma can be solved by text boxes showing details on click or mouse-over - whenever they are needed.

Tooltip in JavaScript Gantt charts for D365 BC


Developing a Gantt Chart Scheduler for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central

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