How Dysel managed the migration of their Graphical Dispatch Board from NAV to 365 BC with the help of the VSADT (Visual Scheduling Add-in Development Toolbox)

The VSADT brought powerful graphical features to Dysel's planning board and was easy to integrate

Dysel serves a global customer base being active in the sales, rental, and service of serial numbered equipment objects such as forklift trucks, cranes, excavators, pumps, cooling equipment, and agricultural equipment. Almost all of them have a (field) service department that works on the service and maintenance of the equipment.

Dysel VASADT Graphical Dispatch Board


A Graphical Dispatch Board with powerful functions was needed

Dysel have been using a Graphical Dispatch Board (GDB) to give the planner a better overview of the complex data. However, they were looking at enhancing the visual capabilities when migrating their solution from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Hence they were looking for a development tool for interactive Gantt charts with advanced visual features that fully integrates into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and that complies with Microsoft's standards for Business Central extensions.

Thus, they came across the Visual Scheduling Add-in Development Toolbox (VSADT) of NETRONIC. 

The Graphical Dispatch Board developed with VSADT

The Graphical Dispatch Board in DYSEL is a visual representation of the service schedule by service technicians. It facilitates service planning as the dispatchers can easily and efficiently assign work orders to technicians and optimize the service schedule.

There are four parts of the Dispatch Board:

  • Timeline on the top
  • Resources (service technicians) on the left side
  • Assigned work orders in a resource Gantt chart
  • And unassigned work orders on the right side.

The dispatcher then can assign the work order to a technician on a specific day and time by simple drag & drop.

Graphical Dispatch Board for D365 BC from Dysel


This visualization of the service planning is very helpful for users in understanding what their planning looks like and how it can be optimized. It provides them a complete overview of the planning on one screen, with up-to-date information and in connection with the mobile field service application.

Philip van Kemenade, Marketing Manager from Dysel:

"The Graphical Dispatch Board offers great benefits to Dysel’s customers in the equipment management industry. Their service department becomes better organized, enabling them to provide better and faster service to their customers".

Developers love the Toolbox and the NETRONIC support

The developers at Dysel had expected more difficulties and challenges in using the toolbox for the Graphical Dispatch Board, but the toolbox appeared to be more complete than expected, very easy to implement, and with lots of options. Philip:

“It is such a versatile, yet easy to use product. We love it!”

So the biggest challenge was not the visualization, but in updating the Graphical Dispatch Board whenever information changes. The GDB is a graphical representation of the service planning, but all actions that are a result of the planning on the GDB need to be programmed

Dysel was not only satisfied with the product, but also with the support provided by NETRONIC. Philip:

"One of our developers ran across a bug and reported this to NETRONIC. This was picked up quickly and the bug was resolved in the next version plus a follow-up was done to make sure it was resolved adequately. Thus, a very positive experience."

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Summary: tangible benefits of using the toolbox for developing your own interactive graphical planning board

Developers love it: easy to implement and lots of options

Fully integrates into Dynamics 365 BC

Excellent NETRONIC support 

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