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How Inform managed to realize a visual planning board with extensive functionality with the VSW

The planning board offers a lot of business logic and offers a solid basis for decision making

Software solutions for production planning are always in the area of conflict between profitability, adherence to delivery dates, restrictive capacities and material availability. By means of an innovative mathematical model, ADD*ONE Simultaneous Planning from INFORM GmbH in Aachen, Germany, is now able to take these restrictions and objectives into account simultaneously and thus optimally coordinate them within the area of conflict. 

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The customers of ADD*ONE Simultaneous Planning requested a concrete sequence planning in addition to the existing weekly planning, which closes the gap between planning and control. INFORM fulfilled this wish with the new detailed planning component including a graphical planning board.

"User-friendliness was a central development goal here", says Dr. Adrian Bock, Inventory & Supply Chain business unit. "We wanted to provide the planner with a tool that not only gives an overview of production but also supports him in his decisions when manual rescheduling is required".

The correct order

The detailed planning component calculates the optimum sequence of operations, taking into account setup times and costs as well as work shifts and break times. The planner receives this sequence schedule in the form of an interactive, graphical planning board. If changes occur at short notice, such as the failure of a machine or an unexpected shortage of material, work processes can be quickly and easily moved to other machines or to a later date using drag & drop. As Dr. Adrian Bock explains:

"Short-term changes occur in every planning process, so it was very important for us to develop a planning board that provides an overview, allows changes to be made easily and - very importantly - provides decision support for the planner".

A planning board with a lot of business logic

The visualization unites all information important for the planner:

  • The status of an order is symbolized by a marker at the end of the bar.
  • The planner releases the orders using the context menu by setting the status from planned to released. Released orders can no longer be moved and the information is transferred to the ERP system.
  • Unchangeable production orders appear in the planning board with a lock symbol. They cannot be moved manually.
  • Setup classes are defined using colors to further assist the planner in determining the sequence.
  • Target corridors show the planner in which area he can move orders without exceeding the delivery date or material availability.
  • If there is an overlap of scheduled production orders due to rescheduling or delays in production, the planner gets informed of this overload graphically.


Implementation of the visualization through Visual Scheduling Widget

The demands on the functionality of the planning board were therefore extensive. However, with the help of the widget that NETRONIC developed for INFORM, the desired visualization could be realized.

"Three essential points that led us to use the widget from NETRONIC for our detailed planning component: the freedom of design that we gained with the widget, the very close exchange when it came to the composition of the widget, and the good coordination during the planning phase and during the implementation in our product",

summarizes Dr. Adrian Bock the cooperation with NETRONIC.

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Summary: tangible benefits of using the VSW for developing your own interactive graphical planning board

Freedom of design

Excellent cooperation with NETRONIC

Flexible API that is easy to integrate into your own  solution

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