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How PMP improved their capacity management and achieved transparent planning and increased delivery reliability

The transparency gained through visual scheduling was key to achieving operational agility

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PMP S.R.L. is one of the biggest Italian contract manufacturers of high precision, top quality mechanical components, for a wide range of industries, such as machine tools, automotive, energy, medical, defense, etc.



Executive summary

The initial situation

The company had no planning tools for production in use and the individual production steps ran completely separately from each other. Among many other problems, this also meant that promised delivery dates could not be met.


Solution & results

Since 2017, the company has been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, supplemented by NETRONIC's Visual Production Scheduler (VPS).

This led to

  • significantly improved capacity planning
  • a transparent schedule that allows even complex orders to be managed easily and quickly
  • more reliable adherence to delivery dates

The situation before NETRONICpmp_machines

The very broad product portfolio and a high volume of orders pose complex challenges for production planning at PMP. Very specialized and complex components are produced in many different steps. It was a challenge trying to understand the data that they had and an even bigger challenge scheduling the large amounts of production orders with lengthy routing steps.


No planning tool

Before PMP used Microsoft Dynamics NAV together with the VPS, there was no visual planning tool, according to Alessandro Cividini, production manager and responsible for planning management of the four production departments. "Initially, we had no planning system at all, and the biggest difficulty was controlling the individual phases of the orders." The workloads of the individual work centers were known, but the individual production steps ran in complete isolation from one another. This naturally led to delays, which in turn led to late delivery dates


Unmet delivery deadlines create frustration

They tried to implement another planning and scheduling tool that wasn’t integrated with NAV but, as Alessandro puts it, should “manage all the phases of the orders, trying to create a link between all the work phases, from internal processing to external phases,” but this wasn’t satisfying. It lacked the visualization they needed to help them manage their orders. The constant delays not only caused dissatisfaction among customers but also among employees. Finally, PMP decided to use the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NETRONIC's Visual Production Scheduler (VPS) to solve their problems. It was a perfect fit because the VPS is fully integrated into Dynamics NAV.


Requirements for the planning board

PMP needed a production planning tool that

  • manages production in a simple and effective way
  • is tailored to the needs of the company
  • provides a clearly structured, transparent, and reliable resource planning and capacity utilization overview and thus
  • improves or guarantees the delivery reliability

Experiences working with the Visual Production Scheduler



In the search for a tool that had the aforementioned characteristics, PMP was supported by the software consultancy C.S.A. There, "they immediately understood that we needed a tool that could control our production in a flexible and timely manner," says Alessandro Cividini.


Usage of the NETRONIC VPS

The company did not have to wait long for the success of the new tool:

"The improvement in capacity management by work centers was immediately noticeable," Alessandro Cividini is pleased to say. The entire planning process became transparent and simple “and even the promised delivery dates were reliably met after a short time."


Advantages of the VPS

  • simple and fast planning of even very complex orders with many internal and external work steps

  • clear-cut overview of resource utilization that leads to

  • improved delivery reliability: delays are avoided, making it easier to plan and meet delivery deadlines. According to Cividini, "on-time delivery has increased from 52% to 80% in a short period of time."


Beneficial collaboration with NETRONIC

Alessandro is pleased with the good cooperation:

"The collaboration with NETRONIC has led to a significant increase in performance for us and thus represents a strength for our company."


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Summary: tangible benefits of advanced visual production scheduling

Easy-to use and intuitive tool: no training required

Precise estimation and keeping of delivery dates brings improved customer satisfaction

Increased employee satisfaction due to stress reduction by achieving higher stability of production plan

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