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Visual Jobs Scheduler

We consider product maintenance just as important as the development of new features & products. Our regular service releases offer our customers constantly revised versions of our products, comprising updates, bug fixes and product enhancements. This is a free service for customers with a valid support & maintenance agreement. 


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.7
Date 22 June 2020


List of enhancements

  • The bar label can be customized in the “Setup” dialog. The new "format strings" allow, among other things, the multi-line display of the label or the separation of the individual fields by a "|".
    In this context, the new feature “Extendible bar text separator” was added that is to be implemented by the partner.
  • The setup dialog was enhanced by the option to select the view the VJS shows upon starting.
  • New section “Appearance” in the “Settings” dialog where you can specify
    • The zoom factor in %
    • The layout: In the "Compact" layout, the display is reduced as much as possible to provide a better overview, especially with large plans.

List of fixed bugs

  • It was ensured that UTF8 text coding is used internally.

Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.6
Date 3 April 2020


List of enhancements

  • Now also available for Business Central version 16.
  • Customizable tooltip the settings of which are made in a new dialog in the “User" setup.

List of fixed bugs

  • Missing color picker in the Chrome browser.
  • Performance issues lead to extrordinary long loading times for jobs and to crashes when filters were used.
  • After clicking “Open in new window”, the VJS appeared without data.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.5
Date 6 February 2020


List of enhancements

  • Show progress:
    • The Job’s progress is shown as a green line in the lower part of the Job bar.
    • The progress of a Job Task is shown as number below the Job Task bar.
  • Notifications only occur when they concern data within the time range as defined in the “User Setup” dialog.
  • The “User Setup” dialog now also shows the setting of the resource summary level as being specified in the “Company Setup” dialog.
  • Performance enhancements: Only data that are needed for the visualization are loaded into the VJS.

List of fixed bugs

  • Job planning lines no longer show up in the Creation mode.
  • Switching filters via the “Setup” dialog led to an incorrect histogram.
  • No unnecessary entries on the page LatestError any more.
  • The job planning line duration calculation was giving the wrong result close to the end of the chosen time range.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 27 November 2019


List of enhancements

  • The “User Setup” dialog was enhanced by an option that lets you determine whether the “Data Filter” dialog comes up on starting the VJS or not.
  • The “Data Filter” dialog can be called any time by clicking “Choose data filter” in the “User Setup” dialog.
  • The user can now define individual colors for jobs that are used for the job line and all of its job planning lines. For this, a new option has been added to the Job card.
  • A new context menu for either table line or bar allows to collapse/expand all levels below the current one.
  • The resource summary bar can be set to “hidden” in the “Company Setup” dialog. This is useful for companies with processes including either serveral allocations per resource for one job task or considerably more than two resources per job task.
  • The notification window now also pops up in case of a resource overload.
  • The dialog “VJS Company Setup” can be opened from within the VJS via the “Administration” item.

List of fixed bugs

  • Several bugs concerning the notifications:
    • They will now disappear once the condition for that notification is not met anymore.
    • They won’t appear twice for the same element anymore.
  • Double clicking a job planning line caused an error message.
  • Saving the views: Loading or saving data doesn’t let all groups collapse any more.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 9 October 2019


List of enhancements

  • New data filter that applies already at the data interface to reduce the amount of loaded data. When the VJS is started, a dialog pops up where you can edit, create and apply data filters. The filter settings of the currently active data filter can be edited in the new “Edit Data Filter” dialog, to be found in the “Setup” dialog“. You can filter by

    • Jobs
    • Resource Groups
    • Resources
  • New view filter, to be reached via the “Actions” menu.
  • Multiple data and view filters can be created, named, and stored.
  • A new context menu allows to show the currently marked operation in the respective other view.
  • Job planning lines can be split via context menu: A new job planning line will be added and the quantity evenly distributed to both job planning lines.
  • When a job planning line gets moved behind the job’s end date a notification window below the menu ribbon pops up, pointing out possible problems.
  • The dialog “VJS Company Settings” can now be opened from the role center menu


List of fixed bugs

  • The message “Usersettings not found” does not longer appear on opening the VJS Setup Page for the first time after the installation


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.2
Date 30 August 2019


List of enhancements

  • The planning line quantity can now be calculated and distributed taking into account the resources’ capacity. Since this is a company-wide setting, we implemented a new dialog “VJS Company Settings” where “Calculate Job Planning Line Duration” has to be ticked for activating the feature.
  • Days without capacity are taken into account when rescheduling job planning lines.
  • The feature “Plan successors” was renamed to “Schedule successors” and was also added to the context menu of the job planning lines.
  • The menu item “NETRONIC promoted” was renamed to “NETRONIC VJS”.

List of fixed bugs

  • Links got lost during interactions.
  • When moving job planning lines by the job tasks, the links sometimes weren’t taken into account.
  • The length of the field “Description” in the “Jobs” table was adjusted to the length in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,

Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.1
Date 24 July 2019


List of enhancements

  • A status window pops up during long calculations.
  • A new context menu enables creating links between job planning lines.
    • Possible relations:
      • Start-start (the successor must not start before the predecessor)
      • End-start
    • The new feature “Plan successors” which can be found as new entry in the menu ribbon, ensures that linked operations are processed without temporal offset. This applies for the selected node and all its successors.
    • Violated link orders are indicated by red link lines

List of fixed bugs

  • Starting the setup of the Visual Jobs Scheduler triggered an error message when the Visual Jobs Scheduler hadn’t been opened by the same user before


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.0
Date 21 June 2019


Key Features

  • The Jobs View provides an overview of all jobs and allows the drill down into project tasks and job planning lines.
  • The Resource View shows all project employees/ resources and their allocation to job planning lines.
  • The Creation mode allows to interactively assign a resource to a task or a job task to a resource by dragging it from a list to the chart.
  • Drag & drop changes to job tasks and job planning lines. If job tasks are moved, the related job planning lines are moved automatically.
  • Visual decision supportin real-time.
  • Complete integration into the standard jobs and resource planning modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Technical Details

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Fully designed and implemented as future prove AL Extension.
  • Designed for data of Jobs and Resource Planning module
  • Integration as page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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