Gantt Chart Live Examples with VARCHART XGantt

Individual Gantt Chart Layout in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Visual Studio

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Gantt Reference

AKD Project Management (PM)" solution for Lotus Notes includes a Gantt module developed by VARCHART XGantt ActiveX Control.

Examples for Your Gantt Chart Development

Below, you find some great ideas how to empower your scheduling application with interactive Gantt charts. Do you have specific requirements and are unsure if we can cope with them? Challenge us! We are happy to create a complementary prototype as proof of concept.

How to Make Interactions Intelligent

Interaction does not only mean shifting an operation by drag & drop. It is meant in a sense that the Gantt diagram provides context-sensitive decision support information during the drag & drop interactions.

We call this “target-oriented interaction”.

What is important:

  • Show relevant information during mouse movement
  • Relevant information depends on users´  planning requirements
  • Intelligent interaction leads to quick and efficient  decision

Next Generation of Proven Gantt Charts

A Gantt chart today is way more than a reporting tool. It has been proven to create significant value especially for agile short-term planning and scheduling. This is even more true, if one manages to focus the Gantt chart on the decision relevant information. This vision we have transcribed in Version 5 of VARCHART XGantt - by creating a new "interaction experience" for the planner. Have a look at the new function "live update" of VARCHART XGantt 5.

Exact positioning of nodes by arrow keys

Moving a node interactively with the mouse to an exact "time position" can be rather tricky in certain situations. Watch the video to see how to provide the planner with a function to combine rough and fine-tuned interactions in order to, e.g., move the node quickly to the scheduled day by a "rough" interaction mode and then move to a much more granular approach to achieve the fine-tuning of the node's position.

The trick is done by using the VcGantt.ArrowKeyMode property to assign  a mode allowing to move the node or modify its size to the arrow keys. 

Using the modified arrow key in combination with an information window enables the planner to work with a much higher resolution than offered by the timescale.

10 Simple Yet Powerful Gantt Chart Functions

It will take you just 8 minutes to learn about 10 Gantt chart functions considered very important by our customers. No matter which Gantt component you decide on we recommend that you should look out for the following features: Interactive Drag&Drop actions, displaying status-oriented business logics in a Gantt Chart, using different calendars in a Gantt Chart and the option to show more than one Gantt charts on the screen.

Gantt Chart Example Use Case: Production Control

There a lot of classical application fields for a Gantt Chart. Watch here an example how a Gantt Chart can be used for short-term production control. The key features are: displaying two Gantt Charts on one screen and being able to switch between order view and resource view