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Visual Jobs Scheduler

We consider product maintenance just as important as the development of new features & products. Our regular service releases offer our customers constantly revised versions of our products, comprising updates, bug fixes and product enhancements. This is a free service for customers with a valid support & maintenance agreement. 


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 20 April 2018


List of enhancements

  • Lengthening or shortening a job by dragging its start or end will modify the planned quantity depending on the available resource capacity.
  • New option in the “Setup” dialog: “Keep Timescale Setup when switching views” ensures keeping the settings (position, solution) of the timescale when switching views.
  • Data and view filters can be created, named and applied.
  • Clicking a job planning line will mark all job panning lines belonging to this job. Unmarking is currently not possible so that reloading of data will be necessary.
  • Enhanced information in the histogram:
    • Allocations of resources not being loaded into the VJS are now displayed as well.
    • The tooltip shows information about external allocations.
  • New dialog for enhanced splitting of job planning lines.
  • New view filter for defined fields from the Jobs card. This doesn’t apply to data fields because the VJS already offers comprehensive options for shaping the displayed time range. Applying a view filter will always cause all job planning lines of the jobs corresponding to the filter criterion to be displayed.
  • New context menu item for temporarily creating more working time thus being able to put bars in work free periods. This won’t be shown in the calendar and hence won’t increase capacity. This feature has to be realized by modification of the CA/L code.
  • By modifications of the CA/L code the planner can have the field for the planned delivery date have visualized by a diamond-shaped milestone symbol. This date can’t be modified by drag & drop and turns red if the end date of a job planning line is later than the planned invoice date.
  • Resource times that are not project-related, e.g., holidays, trainings etc. can be shown by a separate job functioning as administration job. This feature has to be realized by modification of the CA/L code.
  • New view “Resource Capacity Overview” informing on the monthly load of resources and groups and also showing external allocations and allocations of jobs currently not loaded.
  • Icons for the time scale filter options.

List of fixed bugs

  • Error when two separate jobs were linked.
  • Several errors while planning with time of day.
  • Loading and editing time after interactions were improved.

See also our blog post about new features in the VJS.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 20 Februar 2018


List of enhancements

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

List of fixed bugs

  • Notes with more than 128 characters caused a crash.



Visual Jobs Scheduler






20 November 2017


List of enhancements

  • Notes can be created and displayed for Jobs, Job Tasks and Job Planning Lines.
  • If needed, the data interface can be modified to show milestones for the following cases:
    • No discrepancies (grey)
    • The actual start date is later than the milestone Start (red)
    • The actual end date is later than the milestone End (red)
  • The fields of the respective higher level(s) can be displayed in the tooltip.
  • Allocations of the modules Service and Assembly and of Jobs that are not currently loaded into the VJS can be shown.
  • Posting date and unity per Job Planning Line are displayed.
    A line is drawn between posting date and project planning line. If the posting date is later than the planned start of the Job Planning Line, this line will appear in read. In addition, a red flag appears next to the Job Planning Line in the table area. If the posted quantity at the end of the Job Planning Line is too low, this will be indicated in the table by an arrow pointing downwards. By clicking the according new icons, you can hide or show the postings.
  • The new Posting Problems View shows the Jobs View that was collapsed in such a way that only the posting problems (= posting is later than the end of the Project Planning Line) are displayed.
  • The partner can modify the C/AL code to
    • start the VJS in the Resource View
    • create icons for the menu ribbon with the help of which the timescale of the VJS gets modified and at the same time the number of displayed bars gets limited. This concerns the functions DayView
      • WeekView
      • MonthView
      • FilterToShownTimespan

List of fixed bugs 

  • No fixed bugs in this release

Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.3.2
Date 25 May 2016


List of enhancements

  • When due to the set time range or filters no Jobs are loaded into the VJS, a warning message will be shown.

List of fixed bugs 

  • Creating a new Job Planning Line via Resource View for a Job which was not loaded into the VJS resulted in a crash.
  • Translation entries for AM and PM were missing.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.3.2
Date 15 April 2016


List of enhancements

  • % Completed can now be shown for the Job Tasks per level.
    • This field can be activated in the Configure Bar Label dialog.
    • The calculation for this field is based on the % Completed field of the Job.
  • Job Planning Lines can now be created via the Job and Resource View.
    • This opens a dialog for entering the missing Job and Job Task information when you create a Job Planning Line in the Resource View.
    • Afterwards the Job Planning Lines list will be shown with the just created item.
    • The interpretation of the Job Tasks was modified, so that the hierarchy will be created even if not every Begin-Total has a corresponding End-Total entry on the same level. This only works if the Totaling fields of the End-Total Job Tasks specify a valid structure.

List of fixed bugs

  • Calculation error with longer link chains and links stretching over several levels has been fixed.
  • Endless calculation caused by faulty Job Task structure has been fixed.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 30 November 2015


List of enhancements 

  • Quantity (Base Unit of Measure) of Job Planning Lines can now be edited on the Job Planning Line bar.
  • Deleting of Job Planning Lines via context menu.
  • Highlighting Resource Skills by way of a list of checkboxes: The resource with the marked Resource Skills gets highlighted.
  • Data Filter: The number of resources loaded into the VJS can now be adjusted on a Filter Page. This can increase the performance if only a small number of Resources is actually needed for the current Jobs. The VJS will still load all necessary Resources which are used by the currently loaded Jobs, even if they don’t match the filter.
  • View Filter: Resources having been loaded into the VJS can now be hidden/shown depending on certain filter criteria. Filter settings can be applied to ResourcesEmployees and Employee Qualifications.
  • Job Tasks without Resources matching the currently active View Filter can also be shown/hidden.
  • Customizable Tooltip: The fields shown in the tooltip on certain elements in the VJS can be chosen from a predefined list.
  • Customizable Bar label: The job bar can now show texts from a predefined set of fields.
  • An option has been added to the Setup Page to turn off the Data Filter popup at the start of the VJS. The Data Filter 


List of fixed bugs 

  • % Completed of a Job was not shown on Job bar.
  • Creation of multiple Links between the same bars was possible.
  • When the Start of a Job was not set in the Job card, the Creation Date was used for the start. This was changed to show the Start of the earliest Job Task Line.
  • Calculation error when a bar had multiple predecessors.
  • Texts for the timescale were not loaded correctly.
  • Saving in certain time zones sometimes caused date shifts.
  • Minimizing the histogram sometimes caused the RTC to freeze.


Product Visual JobsScheduler
Version 1.2
Date 20 April 2015


List of enhancements

  • Added View: Histogram View (overview of Resource and Resource Group Load).
  • Job Planning Lines can be split via context menu:
    A new Job Planning Line will be added and the quantity evenly distributed to both Job Planning Lines.
  • In the Resource View, the histogram of a certain resource/resource group can be displayed independent of the position of the mouse cursor.
  • The length (duration) of Job Planning Lines can be displayed in dependency of the Quantityand the Resource Capacity.
  • Job Planning Lines with their quantity equaling 0 can be shown or hidden.
  • Moving Job Planning Lines to different Resource Groups can be allowed/prohibited.
  • New option for hidden Job Planning Lines of Type Item:
    Hidden Items can still be moved by Job Task Interactions.

List of fixed bugs

  • Show/Hide weekends did not hide weekends.



Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.1
Date 14 November 2014


List of enhancements

  • Now also runs on NAV 2015 and NAV 2009 R2.
  • Histogram for resource groups available.
  • Job planning lines can be assigned to resource groups.
  • Jobs can be filtered when starting the page and while the  page is running.
  • Resources for job planning lines with linked job ledger entries can’t be modified.
  • Time can be used as planning unit in job planning lines (please refer to “How – to”).

List of fixed bugs

  • Job task lines with “totaling" type were mistakenly displayed.
  • Job tasks with ID = "00" were ignored.
  • There was a crash when the planning date of a job planning line was empty.
  • Different language decimal formats resulted in a crash.


Product Visual Jobs Scheduler
Version 1.0
Date 30 April 2014


Key Features

  • The Jobs View provides an overview of all jobs and allows the drill down into project tasks and job planning lines.
  • The Resource View shows all project employees/ resources and their allocation to job planning lines.
  • Drag & drop changes to job tasks and job planning lines. If job tasks are moved, the related job planning lines are moved automatically.
  • Complete integration into the standard jobs and resource planning modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Visual decision support in real-time.
  • Capability to interactively create links between job planning lines and job tasks.

Technical Details

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (from version 2013)
  • Requires role-tailored client
  • Based on .NET Framework
  • Designed for data of Jobs and Resource Planning module
  • Integration in Dynamics NAV as page
  • Based on VARCHART XGantt 


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