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Visual Production Scheduler for Dynamics 365 Business Central

We consider product maintenance just as important as the development of new features & products. Our regular service releases offer our customers constantly revised versions of our products, comprising updates, bug fixes and product enhancements. This is a free service for customers with a valid support & maintenance agreement. 


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.7
Date 22 June 2020


List of enhancements

  • The bar label can be customized in the “Setup” dialog. The new "format strings" allow, among other things, the multi-line display of the label or the separation of the individual fields by a "|".
    In this context, the new feature “Extendible bar text separator” was added that is to be implemented by the partner.
  • The setup dialog was enhanced by the option to select the view the VPS shows upon starting.
  • The following settings get saved upon closing the VPS and are active the next time it gets started:
    • Show/hide setup times
    • Show/hide workfree periods
    • Histogram aggregation
  • New section “Appearance” in the “Settings” dialog where you can specify
    • the zoom factor in %
    • Layout: In the "Compact" layout, the display is reduced as much as possible to provide a better overview, especially with large plans.
  • Improved handling of reservation entries & linked production orders (incl. safety lead time).

List of fixed bugs

  • Incorrect behaviour with the language-dependent settings.
  • It was ensured that UTF8 text coding is used internally.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.6
Date 3 April 2020


List of enhancements

  • Now available for Business Central version 16.
  • Considerable performance improvement for updating graphical objects by only updating objects needed for the current view and not for the respective other. 
  • Tooltip customizable by a new dialog in the “Setup” menu.
  • A new option in the “Histogram” menu allows for aggregating histograms by second.

List of fixed bugs

  • Work center groups now appear with an underlying complete non-working times calendar in grey.
  • Using the VPS in the Windows Client led to problems with expanding/collapsing production orders.
  • After clicking “Open in new window”, the VPS appeared without data


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.5
Date 6 February 2020


List of enhancements

  • Every time you reload data (also when filtering) and your plan has unsaved changes, a message box pops up, asking whether you want to save them or not.
  • The time in the update line now also shows seconds.
  • Some minor modifications of the tooltip:
    • Reduced tooltip for curves.
    • Different tooltips for operations (depending on operation status/progress).

List of fixed bugs

  • When scheduling via contextmenu (predecessors, successors), the current operation will not be scheduled any more.
  • Bugfix regarding visualization of date and time.

Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 27 November 2019


List of enhancements

  • In the “Setup” dialog:
    • new option that lets you determine whether the “Data Filter” dialog comes up on starting the VPS or not. If not, the last selected filter will be activated.
    • Specify whether to activate the last selected view filter at the start.
    • Determine whether to show links between production order lines or not.
  • Schedule predecessors/successors: Click the according new context menu items if moving an operation shall also affect its linked preceeding and/or succeeding operations to the effect that they are moved accordingly (if you have ticked the according option in the “Setup” dialog, also across production order lines).
  • The new context menu item “Restore to initial values” allows you to restore the original values of the selected operation in case you have not yet saved your modifications.
  • A new date line in both views now indicates the time when your plan was last updated.
  • Capacity calculation by day, week or month via a new item in the menu ribbon: The capacity curve will aggregate the occupancy on the selected period.
  • If an operation of a released production order with purchase order gets moved, a warning message occurs letting you decide whether to move it or not.
  • An operation with setup and runtime = 0 gets visualized in the capacity view by a vertical line, because no capacity is used.
  • Optimized loading of calendar entries.

List of fixed bugs

  • Bugfix regarding identification of objects between visualization and the Dynamics Business Central database.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 9  October 2019


List of enhancements

  • New option “Show partial Prod. Order Lines” in the “General” area of the “Setup” dialog: Up to now, the standard procedure in the VPS was to visualize a PO line partially when, by setting filters, a single operation of a PO line was filtered out. Now the standard is to only visualize complete PO lines. By ticking/unticking the new option you can switch between the two behaviors.
  • New view filter, to be reached via the “Actions” menu.
  • When starting the VPS a dialog pops up where you can edit, create and apply data filters. After having started the VPS, the settings of the currently active filter can be edited in the “Setup - Edit Data Filter” dialog.
  • Multiple data and view filters can be created, named, and stored.
  • When clicking an operation in the Capacity View, a due date line in the color of the operation’s status appears.
  • A new context menu allows to show the currently marked operation in the respective other view.
  • Saving the views: For each view, the VPS memorizes which groups were expanded and which collapsed as well as the vertical scroll position. If the user switches between views or reloads data, he will always return to the same position as before

List of fixed bugs

  • Incorrect processing of ProdOrderCapNeed entries with end time 12:00 AM.
  • Family orders are now correctly processed and displayed.
  • When opening the VPS Setup page by Business Central search, the settings of the current user and not longer of the standard user are shown.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.2
Date 30 August 2019


List of enhancements

  • In the Capacity View, the setup time can be visualized with the help of a new context menu.
  • Non-working periods can be shown or hidden. For this, a new item has been added to the “Actions” menu.
  • A data filter was added that applies already at the data interface to reduce the amount of loaded data. All filter setting options can be found in the new “Edit Data Filter” dialog that can be opened from the “Setup” dialog. You can filter by
    • Work Center Group
    • Work Center
    • Machine Center
    • Production Order
  • Some improvements in the “Setup” dialog.
  • Menu item “NETRONIC Promoted” renamed to “NETRONIC VPS”.

List of fixed bugs

  • When the option “Autoschedule Predecessors” and/or “successors” was acitvated in the “Setup” dialog and an operation was moved interactively, the message warning against moving operations already having started did only appear for the operation currently grabbed by the mouse and not for its potentially affected predecessors and successors.

Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.1
Date 24 July 2019

List of enhancements

  • Option of displaying a progress bar for production order routing lines of released production orders below the bar.
    • New option in the “Setup” dialog to specify whether to display a progress bar at all or to show the progress by quantity or by time.
    • The color of the progress bar depends on the routing status and the percentage of completion:
      • Status “finished”: black
      • Status “none”, “planned”, “in progress”:
        • Progress by quantity / by time < 100% : grey
        • Progress by quantity / by time > 100 % : red
    • When trying to move operations “in progress”, a warning pops up.
  • Improved loading performance.

List of fixed bugs

  • Operations with status “finished” can’t be moved any more

Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.0
Date 21 June 2019


Key features

  • Two views:
    • The Production Order View
      • shows an overview of all production orders, grouped by status and production order number 
      • allows to drill-down into production order lines and operations.
    • The Capacity View
      • shows an overview of all capacities and their allocations by Work Center Groups, Work Centers, and Machine Centers.
      • indicates capacity bottlenecks by load curves/histograms that can be shown on the Work and Machine Centers. 
  • The bars get different colors according to the different categories of the Production Order View.
  • Interactive moving of operations with simultaneously moving predecessors and/or successors.
  • After interactive rescheduling, potential delivery date conflicts are visualized.
  • Linking operations within a production order line, a production order, and across different production orders.
  • Complete integration into the standard Manufacturing module of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Visual decision support in real-time.

Technical details

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Fully designed and implemented as future proven AL Extension.
  • Designed for the Manufacturing module.
  • Integration as page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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