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Visual Production Scheduler

We consider product maintenance just as important as the development of new features & products. Our regular service releases offer our customers constantly revised versions of our products, comprising updates, bug fixes and product enhancements. This is a free service for customers with a valid support & maintenance agreement. 


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.5
Date 30 June 2021


No longer supported Dynamics version

  • Version 1.5 of the Visual Production Scheduler does NO longer support version 2009 R2 of Dynamics NAV. Version 1.5. is available for all Dynamics NAV versions from Dynamics NAV 2013. Customers who want to use the VPS with Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 need to use the build

List of enhancements – including all changes since release

  • New search dialog enabling to search for a certain text within a list of the production order lines. The dialog dynamically gets filtered by records with the entered search text. When double clicking on one of these records, the dialog closes and the view directly scrolls to the first operation of this production order line. In the XMLport “NETRONIC VPS Export” a new field “POLSearchText” was added on production order line level, by which a partner can extend the text information shown in this dialog and which is included in the search and filter function so that customer specific information can be included in the search dialog.

  • Consider queue time: the VPS now enables considering the queue time in the scheduling algorithm The queue time is stored in the machine/work center and operates on the calendar of the relevant machine/work center. The feature can be enabled in the VPS setup.

  • A warning symbol can be shown in case of a sequence violation. By this a bar gets a yellow warning sign if e.g., the succeeding operation starts earlier than the queue time would allow. This option can be activated in the “Setup dialog”.

  • The “Setup” dialog was enhanced by options to disable the dialogs popping up in case of a sequence violation, moving an operation that has already started, successful saving, and restoring initial values.

  • A new dialog for named “Data Filters” was added (similar to the named “View Filters”) so that the user can create multiple data filters and switch between them.

  • The new option “Show Data filter at startup” in the “Setup" dialog, lets the user decide whether the Data Filter dialog should pop up on every start of the VPS so that the data filter can be dynamically changed on every start.

  • The last active view can now also be specified to be the startup view. For this, the “Setup” dialog was enhanced accordingly.

  • The coloring of the progress bar was adjusted. If the operation is in progress, the progress bar will be grey as before. If the operation is finished, the bar will get black. If the progress calculation states a progress of >100% the progress bar will get red.

  • Certain UI user settings are saved while working with the VPS. When reopening the VPS, these settings are considered. By that, the next time a user opens the VPS the “Show Progress” and the “Show/Hide non-working times” settings are kept from the last session. The same applies to the height of the histogram area which can be adjusted by dragging the sash between the diagram area and the histogram area.

  • Additional UI user values “ZoomFactor” (changeable via Ctrl + +/- or Ctrl + mouse wheel) and “UnitWidth” (the time resolution of the timescale, changeable via mouse wheel when hovering with the mouse over the timescale) to be saved so they can be reloaded and set after the VPS gets restarted.

  • The VPS now offers a full French translation.

For partners:
  • Option to add custom context menu entries to production order routing lines. To make use of it you need to set the values “PORLCustomContextMenu01Text” and “PORLCustomContextMenu01ID” on production order routing line level inside of the XMLport “NETRONIC VPS Export”. After this, the PORLCustomContextMenu01Text will be part of the context menu of an operation. When the user clicks on it, the new event “CustomContextMenuEntryClicked” (2070) will be triggered with the information on which operation this happened.

  • The option to support multiselection was added. This can be activated by setting the “MultiSelectEnabled” value in the user setup table to TRUE. By that a user can select multiple operations at once and move them together to another point in time. As this could have a heavy impact on the complete schedule, an automatic scheduling of predecessors and successors does not happen. This needs to be explicitly activated by the “MultiMoveWithSchedule” option in the user setup table. If this option is set to TRUE, linked operations of operations will be scheduled as well in case the user has moved multiple operations at once.

  • A custom due date line on production order line level can be added. To make use of this, the “POLCustomDueDateDT” and “POLCustomDueDateColor” values on production order line level inside of the XMLport “NETRONIC VPS Export” needs to be set.

  • A new VPSObjectsMarked event was added. This event gets triggered when the user selects one or multiple operations inside of the VPS.

  • New function MarkVPSObjects, by which the partner can mark certain VPS objects, like the indicator functionality, and thus set the font and/or the background colors of bars according to his own business logic. Sample code for this was added for the use case that all operations belonging to the same production order get highlighted in yellow when the user clicks on an operation.

  • Option to use the VPS as an automatically updating “Shop Floor Plan” which can be put on a screen on the shop floor, and which shows the current and upcoming operations planned on the shown machines. This can be achieved by making use of the following additional setup parameters:

    • “AutoUpdateInterval” (time after which the VPS automatically does an update of the shown data)

    • “AutoScrollInterval” (time after which the VPS automatically scrolls the diagram in time to have the current date/time e.g., always in the center of the view)

    • “ShowTimeLine” & “TimeLineUpdateInterval” (shows the current date/time as a dateline and defines how often this line should be updated.)

To get a shop floor plan for a certain machine, the customer needs to create a dynamics user which is used for the dynamics client run besides this machine. For this user they can set the data filter to load only this machine center (Make sure that the option “Show partial Prod. Order Lines” is activated). Set the AutoUpdateInterval e.g., to 5 minutes, the AutoScrollInterval and TimeLineUpdateInterval to 30 seconds, and ShowTimeLine to 1.

By that the data gets updated every 5 minutes, but the diagram scrolls every 30 seconds and updates the current datetime line every 30 seconds as well. By changing the time resolution to show e.g., 3 hours you can move the diagram in a way that you will always see what has happened in the last half hour and what will come up in the next 2,5 hours.

  • In the XMLport “NETRONIC VPS Export” we added CustomTableText fields to the Work Center, Machine Center and Prod. Order Line objects so that a partner can adjust the text shown in the table section of the VPS.

  • Additional styles for showing text on operations: Especially in combination with the shop floor view, it is useful to always see the full text on an operation rather than having it truncated at the end of the bar. The new settings that were added to the user table are:

    • “POViewTextLayerType”

    • “ResViewTextLayerType” .

They can have the following values:

    • - 0: (=FromStartToEnd which is the standard mode)

    • - 1: (=FromStartUnlimited which will show the text beginning at the start date of the bar and will not be truncated at the end.)

    • - 2: (=FromEndUnlimited which will show the text beginning at the end date of the bar)

  • Via the indicator or MarkVPSObjects functionality, it is now possible to set the background color and font color of work Center and machine Centers in the table section as well.

List of fixed bugs

  • When reading Prod. Order Capacity Needs, we filter out values without start/end times. This
    caused issues in certain environments.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 25. June 2019


List of enhancements

  • New option in the “Setup” dialog to hide/show histograms for the desired view/s.
  • Features to be installed by the partner:
    • Individual setting of the backgroundcolor of production order routing lines during load time.
    • Individual setting of the font color of production order routing lines during load time.

List of fixed bugs

  • Changed saving order to better support reservations between production order lines.

Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 2 December 2018


List of enhancements

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (on premises).
  • Similar to displaying and processing links between production order lines now also links between production orders are shown ( this requiring according entries in the “Reservation Entry” table).
  • New options in the “Setup” dialog:
    • Show partial Prod. Order Lines”: Up to now, the VPS has only visualized complete PO lines so that the predecessor/successor links were still shown and used for the calculation. If, by setting filters, a single operation of a PO line was filtered out, this resulted in hiding the complete PO line. This behavior can now be disabled by the new option enabling also parts of a PO line to be shown.
    • Startup view”: The user can select the view being shown when the VPS is started.
  • Multiple view filters can be created, named and stored.
  • Improved performance regarding setting and deleting indicators.
  • Update of the VPS-JS to version 1.5.2
  • The partner can
    • For each of the VPS objects (PO line, PO routing line, work center, machine center) equip 5 internal custom fields with data for using them in tooltip or bar label.
    • Activate the feature “Autosched direct parallel OPs” so that operations being situated “directly parallel towards each other” will be included in the automatic scheduling.

List of fixed bugs

  • In some cases the progress of an operation wasn’t calculated correctly.
  • Hiding work-free periods didn’t work reliably.
  • An error ocurred in the BOM view upon processing quantities with decimal places.
  • Sometimes, moving a node caused a crash when a link was drawn through the node while moving it.

Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 31 January 2018


List of enhancements

  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

List of fixed bugs

  • No fixed bugs in this release.

Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 26 June 2017


List of enhancements

  • Customizable conflict processing when saving (1)
    (Up to now, all operations from the VPS were checked against the current NAV data on saving and in case of a conflict the user was informed by a warning. Now the conflict processing can be configured to only check the modified VPS operations or to perform no check at all.)
  • Customizable conflict processing when saving (2)
    (Up to now all operations were recalculated at their current position by way of trial on saving to check whether their durations were modified due to changed calendars or capacity information. Checking this calendar/capacity information can now be customized and is deactivated initially.)
  • In the Production Order View operations can be sorted by operation number now.
  • New data fields for bar label and tooltip are available.
  • Processing bin management information on changing a capacity was added.
  • Saving debug information was extended by further data.

List of fixed bugs

  • In case of conflicts, conflict processing didn’t update all VPS data correctly.
  • When indicators were used and the bar label went over several lines, not all lines got an indicator.
  • The VPS wasn’t updated correctly after reloading data together with saving.
  • The error warning that was shown by mistake on opening the BOM in NAV 2017, doesn’t appear any longer.
  • The missing item concerning the VPS JavaScript Viewer was added to the menu. 



Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 16 February 2017



List of enhancements

  • Upon loading data into the VPS you can now create the file ProdSchedData.xml and upon saving the VPS you can create the files ConflictingChangesXMLNET.xml, InitialDataSetXMLNET.xml and SimulatedChangesXMLNET.xml. To do so, an export folder is needed on the server. To use the function, the optionSaveDebugFiles in the NAV VPS table: 5416000 "NETRONIC VPS Setup", has to be activated.
  • Upon being loaded into the VPS, the data are checked. Data having wrong entries in the date fields are not loaded and an error message will occur. Wrong date values are, e.g.:
    Date fields (start/end):
    • Year = 9999
    • Empty value
    • End date < Start date
  • New values for tooltip definition available

List of fixed bugs

  • "Hide workfree periods" hid too much in certain calendar combinations.
  • Saving without changes while at the same time deleting production orders in NAV caused a crash


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 6 May 2016


List of enhancements

  • The partner can now set “Indicators” by way of C/AL code to visualize warnings, states, etc. of operations or production order lines.

List of fixed bugs

  • The due date line remains visible while moving an operation in the capacity view.
  • Using the cursor keys sometimes lead to a crash.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.4
Date 23 November 2015


List of enhancements

  • Customizable tooltip: The fields shown in the tooltip on certain elements in the VPS can be chosen from a predefined list.
  • Customizable bar label: The operation bars can now show texts from a predefined set of fields.
  • More fields for tooltip and bar labeling were added to the data interface.
  • Production mode “Made to order”:
    • Dependencies in Production Orders with more than one Production Order Line can now be shown by links.
    • These links can also be considered by automatic scheduling.
  • The “Setup” dialog was redesigned and enhanced by the parameters for the new settings.
  • The different grouping levels (status, production order line, work center/work group) in the table now offer additional sorting criteria.
  • In the Capacity View, an operation’s due date is shown when moving the mouse cursor over this operation.
  • In some cases NAV provides incorrect data (operation’s starting date is later than its ending date); the VPS now checks these data and processes them in a way as to reduce/prevent incorrect capacity load visualizations.

List of fixed bugs

  • Histogram height of the first capacity in the Histogram View was corrected.
  • Sometimes nodes in collapsed groups weren’t displayed correctly after their values had been changed.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 30 March 2015


List of enhancements

  • No enhancements in this release.

List of fixed bugs

  • In case of multi-user scenarios, the VPS didn’t work correctly.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 25 Februar 2015


List of enhancements

  • No enhancements in this release.

List of fixed bugs

  • Operations in collapsed groups are displayed in one row again when the VPS gets started.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 12 February 2015


List of enhancements

  • Improved speed
    • when starting the application,
    • when switching between views,
    • when setting view filters.
  • Capacities that are completely workfree in the period displayed can now be hidden.
  • The tooltip of an operation was enhanced by the fields Item number and Item name

List of fixed bugs

  • No more incorrect behavior of „Hide workfree periods“.
  • In some cases identical data were loaded repeatedly or orders were carried out repeatedly. By modifying the data/order transfer this will be prevented from now on.
  • Production order lines in the production order view are sorted correctly again.
  • The undesigned option of deleting single operations and empty groups has been disabled.
  • The parts list can now also be displayed for production orders with production order numbers between 10 and 20 characters length.
  • No flaw any more in parts lists of items with one single component.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 22 September 2014


List of enhancements


  • New view Production BOM, relating to the parts list of the Production Order Page. By clicking the according buttons, the user can switch between Master BOM (parts list of the Items Page) and Production BOM view.
  • Multilingualism.
  • Applying the modified demand date.

List of fixed bugs

  • Errors were triggered by resources without calendar.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.3
Date 31 March 2014


List of enhancements

  • Live Update: With the new Live Update functionality, the consequences of moving an operation and its respective histogram are being visualized immediately.
  • Updated color and user interface scheme, based on the Microsoft Modern UI guidelines.
  • Histograms now even show the occupancy of operations that are hidden because of a view filter.
  • Show/hide weekends was renamed to Show/hide workfree periods,meaning that the workfree periods of all work centers and machine centers are determined and can then be shown or hidden.
  • The sorting procedure in the Production Order View was modified: The production order lines are now sorted numerically by line number.
  • Speed improvement: Starting the VPS and switching between views have become faster
  • From Dynamics NAV 2013 onward: The item availability by BOM level can be displayed for the items of a production order line
  • From Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 onward: The VPS Web Client based on HTML5/JavaScript fully integrates in NAV and will be installed automatically during the setup procedure of the VPS demo version.


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.2
Date 1 November 2013


List of enhancements

  • Now also runs on NAV 2013 R2
  • Simplified installation; neither manual entry in table 2000000069 or adjustment of table 5409 needed any more
  • New Web Client Viewer (HTML5/JavaScript) of VPS allowing to see Production Order and Resources Views via any browser.
  • Additional data filter already at the data interface so that only the filtered data of NAV are passed to the VPS. If the VPS Web Client is used in addition, the same filtered amount of data is used so that the views in both clients will be identical
  • New views filter with three options:
    a) Definition of filter 
    b) Activation of filter
    c) Deactivation of filter
    This filter is used to show/hide the VPS data according to the specified conditions. Accordingly, only the capacity utilizations by the visible activities are shown in the histograms
  • Saving the views: For each view, the VPS memorizes which groups were expanded and which collapsed as well as the vertical scroll position. If the user switches between views, he will always return to the same position as before
  • Disabling the option of shifting operations in collapsed work centers and production orders: Since this state does not give any information as to which operation belongs to which work center/machine center, shifting does not make sense, because the according calendar is not shown. This is why from now on operations can only be shifted if the groups are expanded and the appropriate calendar of each node is shown.
  • Extended texts: The text resource was extended so that the language adaption for the VPS Web Client can be edited centrally. The planning table can now also be saved when containing empty production orders


Product Visual Production Scheduler
Version 1.1
Date 1 July 2013


List of enhancements 

  • A histogram was added to the VPS, showing free capacities and bottlenecks of all work centers and machine groups at a glance
  • Automatic shifting of successors and predecessors
  • Multilanguage support. Partners can create a local language version by simple codeunit modifications
  • New dialog to set start and end date in the time scale (work date-dependent), the way of calculating the progress (by time or quantity) and automatic scheduling of predecessor and successor with float time = 0
  • Hiding option for histogram when printing from the resource view or the production order view
  • Automatically adjusting of timescale to the available area by default when printing
  • Automatic display of the corresponding links of a selected operation or due date

List of fixed bugs  

  • No more jumping of diagram/histogram borders in certain situations
  • No more jumping of timescale when weekends are shown/hidden
  • The numeric scale can’t be minimized at will any longer
  • No more flaw in histogram after collapsing a group
  • No more fault when scheduling predecessor/successor with parallel operations


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Release Notes Visual Production Scheduler 1.5

Release Notes Visual Production Scheduler 1.4

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